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    Project: Escalade 2.5

    I'm going to spill coke all over it :D
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    Watercooling has never been as sweet as in the new house

    Or I could only have the window open to supercool my room to test how cold I can get my processor to run after overclocking it, and not actually living in 5C temperatures as noted nowhere in this thread. :)
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    Watercooling has never been as sweet as in the new house

    Not at all, the case is sitting 10' directly in front of the window, rad sucking air in through the front of the case (CM stacker).. It got to <11C in my room, feet frozen, wanting to see how low it would go. I doubt there was any danger of condensation because the fans on my rad pull air...
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    Watercooling has never been as sweet as in the new house

    There's nothing quite like opening the basement window when it's -15C out :)
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    Half Life 2 Episode 2 and PORTAL unlocked 12am pacific time!

    Slept from 10-3am, played from 3-5, slept from 5-6, school from 8 onwards :(
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    Hilarious flash Bioshock review.

    wtf he deleted it :(:(:(:(:(
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    Ottawa, Canada - LanGenie I (Nov 10-11)

    Hey Guys, We're just spreading the word about our upcoming (Nov 10 - Nov 11) LAN Event which will be hosted in Ottawa, Ontario. LanGenie I will be host to 300 Gamers for a full 24 Hours. We're offering our guests access to our 15 Dedicated Servers via our Gigabit Backbone connection...
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    Some input needed re: Case

    900 is terrible for cable management though..
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    Lost Planet DX 9 what frames are you getting???

    Everything maxed except for AA/AF (4x, Trilinear) at 1280x1024 was average 34fps for the snow scene with my sig rig..
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    Very Old PC Game - Need help w/ name :)

    THANK YOUUU!!!!! now everyone can compare my paint skills to the actual game :P
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    has WoW single handedly saved pc gaming?

    Let's just say this is one type of thread I wasent expecting to see on this forum. Seems like pointless trolling and spamming... wow sux.
  12. O Lanfest 2K7

    Aww what the hell?! 2000 E. Convention Center Way, Ontario, CA To me, that looks like a road in the province of Ontario in the country of Canada. Of course not, it's a city in california :mad: So much for me driving down a few hours
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    The Skyscraper Photo PC

    I'd love to emulate this mod but it's so much work that I dont feel I could do correctly/accurately/nicely :(