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    Confused about ZFS performance on SSD

    I actually think that the low write rate of the Samsung consumer SSDs is a rather good sign for the firmware implementation of the drives. When a cheap consumer class SSD like the Kingston v300 or the Intel 535 can achieve such a high sustained random 4K performance I get skeptical. Such a...
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    X10SL7-F SAS to RES2SV240 Expander to Backplane not working

    I use that exact setup, so I definitely know it works. And you won't need the sideband, as the sideband info will be transmitted in-band from the controller to the expander. The sideband is required if you connect the backplane directly to the controller and want to control the LEDs.
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    samsung 840 pro 256GB not recognized any longer

    Any component in your computer can fail at any time. That is why you backup your data.
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    850 Evo M.2 vs 2.5" and other questions

    Yes, exactly. Retail version with 3D V-NAND like in the 850 series drives.
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    Need help PC crashes and SSD disappears on and off.

    Not so quick. SATA power connectors are crap for everything but backplanes. I guess the power is to blame as least as often as the SATA cable.
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    ZFS Performance Issues

    dd is not a benchmark. You have no control over syncs and queue depths. There is a post from me in this subforum how to use fio to properly benchmark sequential write speed. Are you sure you should get more an an encrypted block device? The processor is somewhat old and does not have hardware...
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    WD Caviar Green - Reliability?

    Usually all drives 7200rpm and higher will exceed proper operating conditions (~50°C) without active cooling. There are a few exceptions, notably cases where they are screwed to more solid metal parts.
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    Platter HDD is SLOW, but bursts fast

    Check the SMART data with CrystalDiskInfo. The drive could to be at the verge to death.
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    Open Indiana rpool full

    How can proc be using space? It is a virtual filesystem not located on disk. Unless Solaris/OpenIndiana works completely different than any *nix I ever used. please post the output of zfs list -r -t all rpool and du -h -x -d 1 / (note that I use mainly Linux and do not know whether the...
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    Cheapest PCIe M.2 Storage?

    The M.2 850 EVO is a SATA drive, it will not work in a PCIe-only slot. Your options are Plextor M6e, Samsung XP941, Samsung SM951 and the HyperX Predator. All three are good with the SM951 as the fastest.
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    Physical HDD/SSD Cloning device

    I'm not sure something like that exists. There are some copy stations around, but you would need something that is filesystem-aware. I do not know of a single one that is. My solution to your problem would be a well scripted/automated PC with some hotswap trays. Resizing filesystems with bad...
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    LSI and Cachecade Pro

    A single fast PCIe SSD like the Intel P3700 will blow any caching solution out of the water. If you need redundancy buy two and make a RAID1. Caching only makes sense if the footprint of the workload fits on the SSD cache.
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    Any BX100 owners here?

    This drive has not been around long enough to make such assessment. I personally considered them as "storage" SSD for my server, but 850 EVO has much better burst and random read performance for almost the same price. Is there a reason to replace the 840 EVO? If you do it because of the read...
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    what's the highest quality Western Digital hard drive?

    The MTBF values are too similar to be based on actual failure rates. Maybe they calculate them based on the failure rates of the individual parts. A a simple mistake in the firmware can destroy a drive much faster.
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    Ruining TLC Reputation

    The 840 EVO still has one of the best price/GB ratios around. Samsung drives seem to are very resilient against sudden power loss. I had to replace a MX100 in a specific laptop that often had filesystem corruption or bluescreens after suspend-to-disk. Since I replaced the drive by an 840 EVO...