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    3DMark11 Score

    Stock Gigabyte 6850: P3293 Core 850/Mem 1080 P3597
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    Is there a better 32" LCD-TV than the Sony 32EX400?

    I'm really interested in buying an LG 32LD460 to use as a PC monitor, but the problem is I can't find much about them. What's the difference between it and the LD450?
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    HAF 912 vs CM 690 II

    I don't know about the HAF but the stock fans on the 690II are a bit crap and don't move much air.
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    Razer DeathAdder vs. Logitech G9

    Man, it's always so weird to me seeing people gush over Razer mices. A few years back I got myself a Diamondback and a Copper head since they were both half price. After a month or two both developed the same problem: they'd stop working until you wriggled the cord at the mouse end a bit then if...
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    What's your overall opinion of STEAM

    I love it. However, I recently got switched from a unlimited data plan to a 20gb monthly allowance, so that is going to be very, very annoying. I truly became a steam convert when I decided I wanted to install Half Life 2 to my new laptop. So I dug out the discs, tried to install, but my laptop...
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    CoolerMaster 690 II Advanced

    Here's how mine is looking at the moment. Yes those are IDE drives and no they won't be being changed for a while. Reusing what I can so i'll be running them with my old XP installation until i can scrounge enough money up for Win 7 + SATA HD. Obviously, still need to get that CPU, RAM and...
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    What can I do about this noise?

    It's just rolls of stuff that look like this: I think that putting anything that is a bit airy over it will help cut down the noise. On my CM690 II if I take the dust filter off the bottom of the case the fan will instantly become extremely noisy. Main reason I'm using this is just because it...
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    What can I do about this noise?

    The noise is coming from the air being sucked through the honeycomb grating. I'm not really sure why it does it for the intake and not outtake, but it happens. I've got a real budget solution going on at the moment with my rear fan being an intake (running my CPU underclocked passively atm)...
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    Post your workstation 2010!

    It's a desk made by Cubit. I had never heard of them before I got this, though. Dimensions are 1.8m wide, 0.8m deep, 0.73m high. Absolutely happy with it and paid $45 for it. A local company was selling a lot of their stuff cheaply so I snagged this and the drawer :D
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    Post your workstation 2010!

    new desk and drawer arrived today. you can't see it much in the photo but cable management is non existent at the moment. i'm building a new desktop (first one in over 5 years) soon, so I'm not even going to bother with it until then.
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    Raven v2 fan mod help

    You'd be completing negating the entire point of the case
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    Experience with AOC LCDs?

    Well that isn't too reassuring. If the consensus is that they're that bad, I might just take the hit to the wallet and get one of the Samsungs.
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    Experience with AOC LCDs?

    I'm planning on buying a 210V 22" from them (specs here: since it has decent specs, and comes at a good price and I think it looks great. I've just never had any experience with AOC as a brand at all, so I would appreciate your help. I should...
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    Metroid Prime 3 - Don't even think about it, just buy it!

    Please, for the love of all that is holy don't judge this game by screenshots. Metroid Prime games are games that really must be seen in person before passing judgment on their graphics. If you see it in person and still don't find it attractive, that's fine. But give it a chance.
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    July NPD sales.

    I also remember you people saying something like "You'll be able to go into a store one month after launch and pick one up EASILY." How'd that turn out?