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    Wireless, NPS, SSO (before logon) = Group policy not applying?

    Thanks. We'll give machine auth a go after our bank holiday and see how that goes. Seems like it could be the better way to go - as you say, allowing both computer and user auth for other non-domain devices. We have two domains in separate forests also, so I believe we need an NPS proxy in...
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    Wireless, NPS, SSO (before logon) = Group policy not applying?

    We're set to use user authentication - but the group policy settings for SSO are set to 'Before logon' - which so far as I can tell is to get around this? The other option is 'after logon' - which is obviously no good. I know startup policies won't work in this scenario (unless the machine is...
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    Wireless, NPS, SSO (before logon) = Group policy not applying?

    VPN? I'm not using a VPN in this scenario at all. I know what the error code means, what I can't figure out is why it is happening. I'll add - once logged in and at the desktop, network connectivity is up and working - including accessing the policy file the event error complaints about.
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    Wireless, NPS, SSO (before logon) = Group policy not applying?

    I'm running out of ideas on this... we're trying to setup WPA-Enterprise with our Ubiquiti wireless, and to a point it is working great. Logon to a laptop with your domain credentials and you can connect to the SSID without needing to enter any additional credentials etc. This also works...
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    8 port switch that wont fry

    Seriously, if you're that worried about failures and warranty, just buy two, and then you have a spare switch and power supply ready to go...
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    Avaya/Nortel ERS 4500 switch reverted to old config?

    Gave that a quick try and it seems to be happy - Status: success. Will reboot them tomorrow morning. Chasing a routing/VLAN problem with the management interface now that I think is related to the MLT being confused when I powered them back up, just not sure why yet.
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    Avaya/Nortel ERS 4500 switch reverted to old config?

    The base switch is set correctly :/ It's strange... Maybe I'll manually save and power cycle them again to see if it retains it properly at some point.
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    Avaya/Nortel ERS 4500 switch reverted to old config?

    Manually? No - given autosavetonvramenabled was checked, it seems unnecessary to have to manually save at any point. Automatically it seems it didn't; I've never seen anything to confirm a save has happened either thinking about it. I have powered down these switches before without issue...
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    Avaya/Nortel ERS 4500 switch reverted to old config?

    This weekend I had to replace the cabinet a stacked pair of Avaya ERS 4550 switches lived in. Nice and tidy now :) I hit a problem though when I powered the switches back up. Both were plugged into the cabinet's UPS while it was off - so they both came on at the same time the UPS was turned...
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    Multiple Monitors Remote Connected?

    I do this using thin clients that are capable of joining a VNC server at start up. So a small lightweight and low power consuming box that needs virtually no input to get working once configured. Netvoyager LX1010s and LX1022s currently, but I'm sure there are others that do it. The VNC server...
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    pfsense tutorial mega thread!

    I found your TAP mode OpenVPN tutorial to be a great help - needed TAP to work around a softphone issue and its working great :) Thanks! Looking forward to seeing the mail filtering one - like Wizdum we're paying out for anti spam and its ridiculous.
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    Please help me understand zero handoff

    Cisco not a big player then? Used multiple 7921Gs in a previous job and never had a problem with them. Definitely roamed without a problem, and never dropped a call. Not sure what wireless infrastructure supported them in that case, but the phones themselves were great.
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    Looking for a VPN server to plugin to my existing LAN

    pfSense box could do that, including sending WOL packets from its web interface :)
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    Quiet air compressor for office IT

    You want one that uses the same type of compressor as a fridge - like this Dentists often use this type. Search for silent pancake compressors and you should find some :)
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    Virgin SuperHub

    They we complete crap at first, but at least now you can enable modem mode and use it just as a cable modem. Then connect your own cable router of choice.