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    Let's make our own AMOLED monitor

    Check taobao which can easily be ordered from via yobuy.
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    Should i go TN for gaming?

    Maybe you should read some reviews instead of continuing to fill this forum with obviously extremely ignorant and outdated opinions. lol. A wide gamut monitor without an sRGB mode (the wide gamut Korean monitors lack sRGB modes) can only display colours properly if used with programs which...
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    Should i go TN for gaming?

    Yes, the LG 24GM77 is by far the best budget 144hz monitors while the XL2411Z is awful, but the LG is still a bad choice for watching movies from a reclined position. I check all of the in depth review sites and am not aware of any 1080p Samsung Free-Sync PLS reviews, but they're likely fine...
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    Should i go TN for gaming?

    I missed the part about fitting both the gpu and monitor into the budget, and no to your second question unless you buy a terrible TN with Free-Sync (AOC G2460PF which has terrible colours). The Dell U2515H is pretty much as good as a 60hz AHVA/IS/PLS panel can be, but it uses a frame-less...
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    Should i go TN for gaming?

    Best to avoid the FG2421 on principle alone, plus it is a rip off considering its performance and terrible quality control. The XL2411Z has poor colours and contrast along with the rest of the sub 300$ 144hz TN panels compared to the LG 24GM77 (more information and review links). It's also...
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    Best Reviewed A-MVA Monitor Thread: Read the 1st Post

    The value Playwares provides is the gamut volume which is a measurement which includes colour space values outside of the of the sRGB colour space, hence the measurements above 100%. Usually sRGB colour space coverage percentages are calculated using only the monitors values which are inside...
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    ASUS PG279Q 144hz 1440P IPS G-Sync

    I ordered one from New Egg Canada; it should arrive next Monday or Tuesday. I can pick a Acer XB270HU, Asu PG278Q or Dell S2716G to test it against as well, but I'm not sure which. Testing the Dell would be more beneficial to my pathetic Youtube views, and there are no decent 1440p AHVA versus...
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    When will we see a new round of 32" monitors released?

    I tested it, unfortunately it's a rip off performance wise compared to the BenQ, Samsung and Qnix, especially since the similarly priced BenQ and Samsung support Free-Sync.
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    When will we see a new round of 32" monitors released?

    Spring 2016. What's wrong with the current batch? Three great options exist, two of which support Free-Sync. Best Reviewed 32" 4K Monitors.
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    Samsung 40" JU6500 too blurry...

    The Samsung's have pointlessly fast pixel response times since the engineers decided to pinch a half penny per unit and not use direct current for the back-light. It's the low LED PWM Dimming frequency which is causing the blur (example) and headaches. Sony TV's don't use PWM and they offer...