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    Hellgate: London DX10 vs. DX9 Gaming Experience @ [H]

    Good article. I'm kind of surprised Hellgate crashed when you turned on AA. But the description of it sounds like a bug I was having. I had been running fraps, and closing that fixed it right up and let the game play. Something you might want to try. I won't help you capture the stats on...
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    Rogue Galaxy, WOW... Just WOW.... AMAZING RPG!

    It's ok. It became too much of a blatant grind for my taste. I gave up shortly after the point you are at. Playing through the Legacy of Kain series again currently. 10-15 hour games ftw.
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    My realization of how much a drug WoW actually is.

    The difference is, if you get dumped/break off a relationship/get fired/are other devastated, can you get wasted with your online friends and blow off the steam? Real life, physical hijinks cannot be substituted for slaying dragons or whatever your MMO drug of choice is. Worse yet, you lose...
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    My realization of how much a drug WoW actually is.

    Oh WoW. I'd dabbled in MMOs before. Played EverQuest for a month or so. Ragnarok Online a little bit. Ultima Online for a free month, because Ultima 9 sucked so hard I got it free when they shipped out the patched install CD. I even dicked around in FFXI for depressingly long but the...
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    Favorite game you never beat?

    Lets see, lately at least: Final Fantasy III DS, I probably should go back and polish this off, I was at the end. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, uh, should probably go back to this too... Final Fantasy X-2, stopped caring. Never going back. Vagrant Story, kind of want to go back, but not...
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    Best Game Someone Dumped On You

    Well MMO's are about the only PC RPGs made these days. It's understandable.
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    Best Game Someone Dumped On You

    A friend of mine back in elementary school hooked me up with a copy of Doom 2. I must have played that, and about a million user mods, for almost 3 or 4 years.
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    Enchanted Arms (comments please) (X360)

    It's ok. I liked it at the time, and the battles had a slight strategic aspect to them with the limited movement grid to keep them from being too much of a grind. That and you could auto-fight if it was blatantly obvious you'll win. After playing FFXII I doubt I'd enjoy the game as much as I...
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    "We screwed up Duke Nukem Forever"

    It's a difficult problem. I mean, books and movie can retain their value rather well. Once a book is paperback, it will alway sell for about $10, the used price is based more on the age of the book as opposed to when it was originally written. New copies of Dune, for example, are still being...
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    Lost Planet End Boss Is Making Me Right Irritated

    This fight frustrated me to no end as well. I was only playing on Normal and I still found it maddening. Those lasers he gets towards the end would just rape me, and I simply could not dodge them forever. Eventually what I'd do is dance in and out of his maximum range hitting him with the...
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    Titan Quest Immortal Throne is out!

    I hear this game had a soft release date. Some stores did have it as much as a week ago. Tuesday was when everyone should have it.
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    Supreme Commander Thread!

    So far I'm loving this game. But wow is the gameplay complex. The interface is a bit wacky too. Putting a refueling station along the patrol path of aircraft will allow them to refuel at will. Tell factories to assist a main factory will take items off its build queue and send them to a...
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    Whats the worst game Dev and Game Publisher (Poll)

    EA for the past 10 years. They've driven Need for Speed into the ground with repetitive yearly installments and their insistence on using rubber banding AI. I never play sports games, but I hear how all the "next gen" versions have all kinds of options from the last gen actually gutted out...
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    Sacrifice - One of the most underrated PC games?

    Oh man I loved this game. I guess it was in 1999/2000? That seemed to be the year all sorts of amazingly creative games came out. No One Lives Forever, Giants Citizen Kabuto, Sacrifice, Planescape Torment, the list goes on and on. Best year in gaming I can remember.
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    Quake 4 settings won't stick!

    Sounds like the config file got write protected. Find it, and turn off write protection. I've had that happen in a few games before.