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    New MacBook Pro 15

    I suppose I'm in the minority, but as I type this on my 2009 MacBook Pro, I am anxiously awaiting my almost max'd out MBP. The only upgrade I didn't choose was 2TB SSD. I did bump it up from 512GB to 1TB though. My wallet is crying, but it's been 7.5 years since I bought a laptop. I think I'll...
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    Chrome 39 Released

    So Google finally released a 64-bit version of Chrome for Mac. I love Chrome but it destroys battery life on OS X, so I try to use Safari as much as possible. I'm hoping the 64-bit version of Chrome will help with that on OS X. Anyone else install it and have any results from their usage?
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    What iPhone 5 cases are you guys using?

    I just use a bumper from Amazon: Curious, what made you want to jump from the Lumia to the iPhone (aside from obvious reasons)?
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    Apple TV

    Also, if you have any iOS devices, AirPlay is the best.
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    Star Wars Kinect $39.99 with Newegg Promo

    Expecting nothing but garbage, but the 5 year old currently in love with all things Star Wars will go bananas for it.
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    Apple: 37.04 million iPhones sold in Q1

    It's amazing how often the analysts are wrong, yet the analysis is posted and published everywhere and used as a basis by so many people.
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    Skype for iPad - Finally!

    I hate the way the contacts are organized. Otherwise, the app is what's expected.
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    iOS 4.3 changes....

    What's everyone's feeling on the idea of losing the Home button altogether?
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    iPhone 4 Video Quality The audio is recorded with the just the phone mic. I didn't overlay it with better quality purposely. I wanted to test out the video quality while driving at night. I was highly impressed.
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    iPhone 4 FaceChat - Impressions?

    I still think it's cool and the simple trick of switching between back and front-facing cameras is wonderful. Initiating a FaceTime call, or switching to it during a voice-call is seemless and excellent. Illuminate, does the $50 phone that allows you to do it over the cell network work the...
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    iPhone 4 Video Quality

    1. Try landscape next time. 2. Did you export it to your PC first, or upload directly to YouTube?
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    iPhone 4 Camera Discoloration

    Yeah, I think that will still occur due to the lighting in most offices. The outside shot is what confirms it for me, anyway. The low-light shots are still very yellow due to the poor auto white balance, but that's okay. I hope they'll fix it in a software update.
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    iPhone 4 Camera Discoloration

    I just took a photo in daylight, and while it's not perfect, I think it's much better than what I had before. Overall, more consistency.
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    iPhone 4 Camera Discoloration

    Went to the Apple store. They checked out my phone and agreed that there was in fact camera color issues. They replaced my phone and gave me a brand new one right then and there. I think the camera is better overall, but I won't know for sure until I take a photo in the daylight tomorrow. I'll...
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    iPhone 4 Camera Discoloration

    Yes, I reserved a Genius appointment for tonight at 6:50. I almost feel silly for bitching about this issue since it's not THAT bad or important, but I figure other people are not experiencing this, so I shouldn't settle.