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    PCIe SSDs Will Overtake SATA in 2019

    I agree, but how many average consumers have even two hard drives much less 4+.
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    Paramount Is Urging Theaters to Show Ang Lee's New Sci-Fi Movie at 120 FPS

    I prefer higher frame rate very much. So much better I hate watching 24fps movies now.
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    First custom loop, mostly in.

    Got the second card water cooled, added uv lights to the res, added xspc temp sensor just after pump befor radiators. Still fighting with bios to speed control fans from water temp. I can see the temp, bios set to use that temp, but fan speeds don't adjust.
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    MSI Gaming Monitor Stops a Stray Bullet (and Still Works)

    Yeah, even a .25acp would tear through a modern monitor. Now if a old 21" trinitron got it right in the coil from the back, I'd say it would stop a .25acp easy enough.
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    Asus crosshair VII w_in temp fan control

    I'm having problems using Qfan in the bios to control fan speeds based on temperature reading of my cooling loop. All PWM. I have an xspc temp sensor connected to the w_in temp port on the mobo. In the bios or in windows I can see the temp. The temp readouts look correct to me. Right at ambient...
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    UV dye? Recommendations experiances?

    I'll give that a look, thanks.
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    UV dye? Recommendations experiances?

    I want the water in the reservoir to glow from uv. If it's the resivoir glass/plastic glowing instead, I'd probably be happy with that. I only have uv illumination shining (shielded and focused) on the resivoir. No other uv lights. I'm using an ekwb combo d5 pump and resivoir. Not sure how easy...
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    UV dye? Recommendations experiances?

    That would be safer. I'm not looking for the water in the tubes or blocks to glow though. I only want uv lights in/on the reservoir.
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    UV dye? Recommendations experiances?

    Looking for UV dye. Preferably fluoresces blue, and is clear or slightly blue in normal light. I'm not finding many reviews of these. The ones I fi d are often contradictory. Some say the die was immediately dark brown with no fluorescence. Some say worked great for a few hours then stopped...
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    Man Who Made Hoax Call In Deadly Swatting Seeks 20-Year Term

    you mean cops in USA killed > ~200 million people (more than half of the us population)? or more than plague deaths in USA this last year?
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    Comcast Sets Default Xfinity Mobile PIN to 0000 and Fraudsters Jump for Joy

    After 3 months of intense research and consulting with top industry leaders, comcast came to a solution that was determined to be the optimal resolution for their customers security at an efficient use of company resources. The new default pin is 1111. Thank you for your patience.
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    Password Manager Vulnerabilities Exposed

    yes. If a browser has to send the password to a website, then the browser has to decrypt its stored passwords to send to the web site. You can't trust the browsers own code for that if the computer is fully compromised. As for sending a still encrypted password, if you can do that, then the...
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    Password Manager Vulnerabilities Exposed

    The problem is how does the app enter that password into another app? Has to be decrypted for that. If the other app accepts the encrypted password... well then all you need to steal is the encrypted password.
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    Password Manager Vulnerabilities Exposed

    Not defending these applications, but there is truth to the point that you can't completely securely 100% pass data from one app to another inside a compromised digital computer if the attacker can run any code/instructions at any level. Maybe with coordinated single pad encryption, but that's a...
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    New and Improved Watercooling Sticky - Post Your Systems Here

    Ah, I like the swivel 45 on the drain. That's handy.