Asus crosshair VII w_in temp fan control


Limp Gawd
Mar 8, 2005
I'm having problems using Qfan in the bios to control fan speeds based on temperature reading of my cooling loop. All PWM.

I have an xspc temp sensor connected to the w_in temp port on the mobo. In the bios or in windows I can see the temp. The temp readouts look correct to me. Right at ambient when I boot up after a long off time. Heats up a little as system runs. If I game or run some heavy load the temps go up. If I run fans faster, temps go down, slow the fans temps go up. Movements are slower but in step with GPU and CPU temps. Exactly what I would expect.

If I use bios, Qfan, to set my radiator fan speed curve by CPU temp it works as expected. If I set the fans to react to the W_in sensor, they run at the low temp speed no matter what the water temp is.

I've tried changing settings on and off, clearing CMOS, refreshed bios, confirmed I'm most up to date, contacted ASUS support (friendly, but don't seem to know their bios from a hole in the ground). Tried different fans (all are pwm).

I had first tried using the fan controls in the Asus AI suite for windows. Adjusting most any fan speed setting froze the system. After a little research seems most people think that software is trash and suggest only using bios.

Suggestions or help? I'd prefer to not have to buy a fan controller, but if I have to, any suggestions for one that can control 6 fans based on a 10k ohm temp sensor? I need it to be thin and small. I run a Thermaltake P3 wall mounted and I'd need to wedge it in the small hollow behind the motherboard and back panel. That's 1.5-2" wide maybe.