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    Windows 10 Is Still Installed on under 700 Million Active Devices

    I'm sure the number is a lot higher but since they decided to add spyware people decided to take action, some of these scripts go overboard.
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    Would You Consider a Disc-Free Console?

    Only way to get rid of the disk drive is get rid of the hoarders of the world.
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    "Windows 10 Destroyed Our Data!" Microsoft Hauled into US Court

    This thread and some of the people in here is exactly the reason why Microsoft and all the other tech giants get away with this bullshit. In the 90's and early 2000's people sued the shit out of them. The whole spying nonsense would've never happened back then because people had balls. Today...
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    "Windows 10 Destroyed Our Data!" Microsoft Hauled into US Court

    It's shocking that anyone in here can actually defend Microsoft.
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    Kaby Lake crap TIM , WHY ?

    Anyone know the name of the liquid metal product? or link? Also what kind of glue does he use to relid?
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    7700K for Delidding!

    The real question is what to do after it's deliddied? Relid or run without...
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    1366 x58 Xeon Enthusiast overclocks club

    Finally upgraded after my Evga x58 matx died a few months back. X58 + x5680 was truly the best Cpu+Chipset combo I've ever owned.
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    Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Meets Unreal Engine 4

    Not feeling the motion blur crap.
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    evga b stock 970 gtx 259 , 980 369

    How does the 970 compare to the 780? I have two in SLI and was thinking about getting two 970's. Anybody have any input on the matter?
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    Nvidia Shield Or The New Apple TV?

    Rather get a NUC or a Brix instead of that garbage.
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    6700K in stock (US)

    How did you guys come to the conclusion to get the 6700k over the 5820k? I keep going back and forth.
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    PSA: Seagate Enterprise Capacity 5TB, ~$165

    The key to remember is that it is labeled Enterprise Capacity but that does not mean it is an enterprise class drive. Great marketing for the unaware.
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    First Skylake OC report (bring the salt)

    Lots of drooling and speculation in this thread. Hopefully I'll see some of those sweet 2600k in the FS forums soon.
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    First Skylake OC report (bring the salt)

    Looks like Intel is ratcheting up the hype machine again. Anyone recall back when Devils Canyon was about to be released one of their Exec tweeted that it was going to be the overclocking champ but turned out to be a chump and he had to take it back?
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    GTX 980 K|NGP|N $499.99 [EVGA Store]

    This logic no longer applies.