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    Final Fantasy XV: NA vs Euro edition issues

    Thanks, forgot I can sign up for one. Do you know if the save file would work though?
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    Final Fantasy XV: NA vs Euro edition issues

    So Amazon screwed up and gave me the euro edition of the game. I complained and they gave it to me for free but I'm stuck with it for the moment. I tried downloading some dlc but it's incompatible. I want to play the dlc so what are my options? 1. Buy NA version of the game and then I'm able to...
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    Remastered “Half-Life 2” Coming to Vive & Rift with VR Controller Support

    Finally... was getting tedious downloading each new iteration of FakeFactory's Cinematic mod :P
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    How ‘Rogue One’ Brought Back Familiar Faces

    Gotta say, when Senator Mon Mothma came on screen, I was like "DAAAAMN she didn't age.... or they found someone that looked just like her." Then Tarkin pops on screen and I realize the rest of the film is gonna have CGI cameos...
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    Logitech MX 518 Wired Mouse Replacement ?

    Still have my mx518, but recently opted for wireless. The Logitech G602 has the same comfortable hand position / "claw"seating as the mx518, with a ton more buttons that don't get in the way of my thumb like I was expecting them to. The matte finish gives it a great grip feeling as well. It's a...
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    System optimizers?

    Thanks for the replies. Because it's old, the battery life isn't that great on sleep. If I know it's going to be more than 1 hour before I open my laptop again, I choose hibernate. The issue I was having with hibernate is that when I wake up the laptop, it takes a good 3 minutes of disk...
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    System optimizers?

    I'm trying to keep my laptop up on it's last legs. Windows 7 Toshiba laptop. I use it for work, email, MSoffice, surfing, maybe the occasional snes emulator during a boring meeting. So are they any actual decent system optimizer programs out there or is it just snake oil? I do use CCleaner and...
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    Looking for video card suggestions

    Rig in sig, but looking to upgrade my video card for gaming. I'm planning a major upgrade in about 2+ years, so this is just something to tide me over until then. Budget is less than $200, not including shipping. My resolution won't go past 1920x1200 at this point, so no need for an uber card. I...
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    ASUS Matrix OR Poseidon - CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON!

    Replacing my GTX285 and getting back into folding for the [H]orde!
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    Wii U’s New Mario Kart 8 Trailer

    WOW did anyone else notice the name of the sports drink around 0:48???
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    Steve Jobs Statue Unveiled

    Reminds me of the T-1000 at the end of Terminator 2...
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    PS4 vs. Xbox One Everything You Need To Know

    did anyone else watch the comparison video? I was surprised the ps4 was a little bit faded and were missing some of the graphical flare the xboxone had.
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    Humble WB Games Bundle

    awwww yeah, definitely bit on this one for the batman games alone. Always wanted to try out the remainder of the fear series as well... can't wait to see the bonus games :3
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    Today Marks the 25th Anniversary of Computer Malware

    THIS. what the hell? I got the random movie clips, but... ET?
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    Half-Life 3 Being Actively Developed?

    So help me god if they make this a steambox console exclusive.... ;)