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    Monitor Calibration

    To do it properly you will need hardware.
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    Best monitor for graphic design

    If you don't get the Spectraview software then you can't access the advanced calibration features of the monitor - the inbuilt 14but LUTs, and the way you can define all your targets in the software and click on one button and the software adjusts the monitor for you - which should give better...
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    Best monitor for graphic design

    If you are in the US: The spectraview kit comes with a custom i1 Display 2 colorimeter and the Spectraview software. The software will only work with the NEC monitors. The colorimeter will work with the i1 Match software which you can download from X-rite and that will calibrate other...
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    Best monitor for graphic design

    Gloss makes no difference to the actual colours. It can make things look slightly different. The choice to get glossy or not boils down to whether you don't mind or get annoyed by the reflections. The best monitors for colour accuracy would be the NEC Spectraview or Eizo Coloredge ranges...
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    Win 7 Ultimate OEM Question

    OEM copies are tied to the motherboard so replacing video cards, RAM, etc shouldn't cause any problems. If your computer hard disk dies and you need to reinstall then you can reinstall.
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    Samsung C530 DVI-to-HDMI issues. Crappy IQ.

    Have you set turned the overscan off on the TV? You need to set the picture size to Screen Fit to do this.
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    Monitor with clearest text?

    Apple's 27" screen only has one mini displayport connection.
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    Command to sort 20k photos into date modified albums?

    Exiftool will do this using the timestamp in the exif data of the photos. - 3rd option
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    Does the NEC Multisync PA271W have a built in scaler?

    Bothe the PA271W and PA241W can display content at a different apsect ratio to themselves with the correct aspect ratio and black bars to fill in the gaps. I have my PS3 plugged into a NEC 2690 which has the same scaling options and is 16:10. I can have the screen scale up the content keeping...
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    LCD gradient issues - BENQ LED backlit monitor :(

    It has a TN panel which is rubbish for image editing - only 6bits. I'm not surprised it has issues with Photoshop.
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    IPS overated?

    People who work with images want to have a close as possible match between what is displayed on screen and what gets printed out. Hence the paper reference. Also, remember people serious about image editing are likely to have the brightness quite low so a low contrast ratio does not...
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    100hz and screen tearing

    You get 100Hz televisions in the areas of the world that use the PAL broadcasts as that is 25 fps interlaced. 100 is a multiple of 50. You won't see them in North America.
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    How does 30 bit color or deep color work?

    Colourspace and the number of colours are completely separate things. The colourspace defines the range of possible colours. Bit depth defines the number of colours used. You can use the LAB, sRGB, AdobeRGB, ProPhoto RGB, CMYK, etc in 8bit/16bit/30bit modes if you want to. Current high end...
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    How does 30 bit color or deep color work?

    Because it won't make a lot of difference? No. Blu-ray video has 16,777,216 possible colours - 24bit - so why would being able to show more make any difference as you would be limited by the source. Well as 24bit colour is generally good enough for pretty much most purposes why do we...