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    cloning Windows 10 to new drive?

    I often do that, but I can't always take the productivity hit. Reinstalling apps, reconfiguring tools, downloading patches and projects and re-enlisting, and ... Just wondering: how long do you think I've been using Windows? Yes. I had no choice, as the tool rebooted when it was done copying...
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    cloning Windows 10 to new drive?

    Hey! I'm in! \o/ Looks like I needed one more reboot. Once I used the BBS to select my old drive, rebooting brought up Paragon and it finished the operation -- I guess it had to mark my old drive inactive and label the new drive active. My new drive is now C:, and I used Acronis Disk Director...
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    cloning Windows 10 to new drive?

    Thanks for the suggestions! Still no success, I'm afraid. I copied the disk with the Paragon software. The new drive now boots, but it boots into reovery mode. Startup Repair in recovery mode can't fix the problem. If I open a console, I find that "bootrec /scanos" reports "Total identified...
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    ESD: Truths, myths, and flat out lies

    I don't think it's a placebo. I think it's a broad conclusion based on a very narrow sample. More inappropriate projection of small sample sets. It's funny how it's so hard to escape.
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    cloning Windows 10 to new drive?

    I've got a Windows 10 rig with a 750 gig SSD. I bought a new 1 TB SSD, and I want to migrate to the new drive. I used Acronis Disk Manager 12 to copy the three volumes on the old disk to the new disk. Worked great, but when I reboot I got an error about a secure device problem. I changed my...
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    M.2 SSD from laptop to desktop?

    I have a second-generation Thinkpad X1 Carbon (model 20a7) that has failed. I removed the M2 drive from it, which is a 512 gig Toshiba THNSNH512GDNT model. I went off to Amazon and bought a generic M2-to-SATA adapter (this one) to try to install the drive in my desktop. The adapter doesn't...
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    VMWare debugger add-in?

    The add in would attach directly to the process in the VM. Remote debugging requires installing client software on the target machine. It's not hard to do, but it's a bit annoying to get it configured -- so I'd rather avoid it. On top of it, I'm not sure Microsoft supports remote debugging...
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    VMWare debugger add-in?

    I was saddened to discover that VMWare discontinued the VM debugger add-in, which used to let Visual Studio on the host machine attach to a process inside the VM for debugging. Are there any replacements for this technology?
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    AWS MySQL updates

    Why do you have 400 interdependent instances?
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    Wipe MacMini with OSX 10.6.x

    I've inherited a Mac Mini. I'd like to give it to the son of the deceased, but only after wiping it completely. How do I do so? It's surprisingly challenging. The machine is a MacMini4,1 -- Apple model number A1347, so it's pretty old. It originally shipped with Leopard -- or maybe Snow...
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    Database Question

    Microsoft publishes great documentation. MSDN has a page which compares the features of the 2014 SQL Server editions.
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    Critique my website?

    Pretty poor load times. The content is quite bad, too -- you should have an editor go through it. There are encoding problems, as well.
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    Sonic Wall Alternatives?

    Oh. I think it's that I disagree that your proposal is easier. I think it's lots harder. Maintaining a list of static IPs for a changing list of devices is not as easy as adding the WAN-side servers to an exclusion list. (Though, maybe I _both_ approaches involve an "apply" button. LOLz.)...
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    Sonic Wall Alternatives?

    I'm using SonicOS Enhanced, specifically. I have no such UI. On the "Content Filter" page, there's no "Confgure" button near the "content filter type" setting. On the logging page, I have the "CFS Alert", "Website Accessed" and "website Blocked" rows for "Content Filter" set to...
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    Sonic Wall Alternatives?

    How so?