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    Is BitDefender always SLOW?

    I disabled the widgets and some other things like link scanning and bank account vault.
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    But the HP 1810-24v2 is not poe (i think) ? I need the Planet GSD-808HP to power the phones.
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    Is that a good idea to put the PBX with the POE switch ?! I have this setup : Modem === Router (Edgerouter) ==== SWITCH (HP 1810-24v2) === POE SWITCH (4 phones + PBX) or should I do something like this : Modem === Router (Edgerouter) ==== SWITCH (HP 1810-24v2 + PBX) === POE SWITCH...
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    Faster setup for a mac based office

    Yes its all wireless with a WNDR4500 (except the ix-200), they don't have a switch or anything else wired, even the printer. Fortunately they are moving into a new office, I asked them to wire the 4 desk stations. I think adding a switch with LACP and the NAS supporting LACP as well would...
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    Faster setup for a mac based office

    File transfer and file reading were "slow". I have not experienced it myself because the NAS is dead. But it seems that the guy before me configured the macs with SMB shares. Everything else is OK for them, they got a 50/50 internet and never complained about browsing. The iomega ix-200...
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    Faster setup for a mac based office

    I am going to revamp a mac based office. They have about 4 newish iMacs or MacBook Pros and they are 4 users (all 4 are designers and graphists) and they want something relatively fast. They currently have an iomega ix-200 (1TB) and a netgear WNDR4500 and they says its quite slow. I was...
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    Erase sensitive data

    Thanks ! I am going to try this.
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    Erase sensitive data

    I want to erase "live" sensitive data on several windows 7 computers. Mostly excel spreadsheets and word documents I dont want to wipe the entire disk yet, because all the computers are in used by users. When decommissioned, I will wipe the disk with DBAN. Is there a program that can erase...
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    How do you backup your mysqldatabases?

    With ZFS, I essentially flush the tables in read mode and make a snapshot.
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    How much safe is dropbox?

    Check out spideroak or tarsnap for more secure solutions. If you like podcast and technical speakings, check out the TechSnap podcast, the first 20 episodes are about old dropbox vulnerabilities.
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    Output the sound of 12 iPads simultaneously

    I am searching for a mixer and/or something similar to output the sound of 12 iPads on speakers or monitors. What would be the more cost effective solution ? (its for a non-profit) The iPads have a custom made composition application for teaching kids the basics of music composition...
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    pfsense wan vlan question

    Seem like you did the right thing but apparently they changed something recently to their network. There is a discussion on dsl reports. I havent read all the thread, but prehaps they figured it out ! Here I am curious too, because most of my clients are getting switched to FibreOP and some...
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    pfsense wan vlan question

    Are you, by any chance with Bell ? I found this tutorial not so long ago about bypassing the new Fibe modems. Here
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    How do you store and manage passwords at work?

    In my case, we do not use shared password ever. We also use lastpass, wich require internet access, but I heard great things about keepass.
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    Zyxel USG20

    I have been given a written copy of the security audit. A few comments are not accurate and I wonder on what specifications the inspector base his recommendations. I dont work there, I do bi-annual consultation. They need to have a dedicated firewall for their internet connection, which I can...