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    I just found out pascal supports 4k netflix streaming through the windows app and edge

    Go to bed, old man :D I learned Pascal in college, so I'm an olds too.
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    Studios Blame Rotten Tomatoes for Ruining Summer Movies

    I'm really sad to see this site employs a writer who uses "SJW" as a pejorative. I guess I'll stay away from the news page and stick to the equipment forums.
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    Project Scorpio Chip Revealed

    So I'm assuming native 4K is out of the question since even standalone vid cards struggle with it?
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    Why are 120Hz TVs better?

    I haven't seen a guy get beat down that badly since Rodney King.
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    Haswell leaking pricing and model info.

    Some serious fuzzy math going on here :D DrinkTea is right.
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    Haswell leaking pricing and model info.

    Also what about motherboards? Always a dicey proposition to get a motherboard with the features you want at a price you're willing to pay when a new socket launches. Might be a few more months before all that stabilizes a bit.
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    Newegg: MSI Z77A Dragon + Intel i5 3570K Combo - $55 OFF

    Bought everything and went with a 212 Evo cooler. Very excited to finally have an up to date system again, just in time for Haswell to come out in a few months :D After limping along with a Q6600 for almost 5 years I couldn't care less. Thanks again!
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    Newegg: MSI Z77A Dragon + Intel i5 3570K Combo - $55 OFF

    Thank you so much for this heads-up. I was holding out for a CPU+mobo combo deal with eSATA and this looks perfect for me. RAM is 10% off too (at least one RAM package is 15% off), so it might finally be time for me to bit the bullet to upgrade my ancient Q6600. Now I just need to research...
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    Monoprice 30" IPS Pro Monitor

    Gotcha. I'm glad it's not glossy but based on all the complaints about Dell's AG coating I sure hope Martha is right that it's somewhere between that and glossy.
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    Monoprice 30" IPS Pro Monitor

    You're welcome.
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    Monoprice 30" IPS Pro Monitor

    Just adding another voice to everybody looking forward to some reviews. Been waiting for a monitor like this for a long time now. Is it confirmed wide gamut? I really hope not.
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    Go with new upgrade or wait?

    Won't Socket 1155 be EOL once Haswell comes out? If you reckon you'll always have to upgrade mobo and RAM every time you upgrade your CPU anyway then no problem getting on 1155 right now, but otherwise I think there's a lot to be said for waiting for Haswell and Socket 1150. I'd say definitely...
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    The Apple Tax: America's Costly Obsession

    The salad days are over since they've gone to a new connector. But good on them for keeping the same connector for so long. It shows they understand the value of a robust 3rd party accessory ecosystem--something that a lot of other manufacturers could learn from.
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    The Apple Tax: America's Costly Obsession

    Hmm... I thought "Apple tax" was the extra you paid for the Apple logo compared to a similarly spec-ed product from another manufacturer.
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    Humble Bundle 6 is up

    SPAZ is awesome.