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    Probably Fake Video of the Day

    That's what the companies website states.
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    Killer Fence Climbing Robot of Death

    They are coming after him first for torturing a joke to death. ;-)
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    iPhone 7's New Slogan Translates To 'This Is Penis'

    I prepared an entire paragraph to respond to this but I've decided just to say: we don't live in the future... in the future I expect phones to become more, not less useful.
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    Domino's Gets Okay For Drone Delivery

    Seriously... fucking pineapple. *shakes head*
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    Why I Watch People Play Videogames On The Internet

    It's up to people how they spend their time. We're posting on a forum here... Don't be jerks people.
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    Tesla Model S Engulfed In Flames During Worst Test Drive Ever

    Then, simply put, you're an asshole. So how long ago did you all become technophobes and sadists?
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    The IBM PC, Which Changed Computers Forever, Turns 35

    I'm 32. I hate using laptops, tablets and have a strong aversion to using smartphones for anything more than a simple phone or gps device. Anything more than a few minutes on a fucking android or ios phone and I have to actively tell myself not to smash it against the concrete (slight exe: I...
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    Data Exfiltration from Air-Gapped Computers Using HDD Sounds

    Simpler. They analyze different brands and models and find under what behavior they make audible noise (and often it's similar between drives) and create a database that detects and works with most drives... or since you have to have physical access to install malware and be within range anyways...
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    Google Fined $6.8M for Breaking Russian Antitrust Rules

    Is carrying around 150 pounds of cash a form of rich man's strength training: 'banker's walk' instead of 'farmer's walk'?
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    China Sees First Tesla Autopilot Crash

    For providing him with more Tesla fodder to get off to.
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    U.S. Auctioning $1.6M Of Bitcoin From Various Cases

    Uh oh. Then they'll know that you slay Furbies.
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    Study: Even Watching TV Can Kill You

    As long as it doesn't eat my face. I don't want to look like Soulblighter.
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    Who's still running i5-2500K?

    I'm still on my 2500k @ 4.5GHz. I still don't feel like upgrading is worth the price/performance ratio.