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    CPU for 1440p Gaming/Streaming

    How about a GT1030 and a 5600X?
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    i5-7600k to Ryzen 5 5600x worth the upgrade?

    I'm going to guess it was something to do with the compatibility support module (CSM) being turned off by default. If you set that to enabled, it would probably have let you boot. But a clean install never hurt anyone ;D Congrats on the upgrade! i5 7th gen to a 5600X is no small upgrade for...
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    i5-7600k to Ryzen 5 5600x worth the upgrade?

    Depends what game you are playing. If all you are going to do is play CSGO and Dota2, then the 7600K is still plenty. If your machine is that old, also consider a 1080p/144hz monitor or a 1440p/144hz monitor on your next GPU/CPU upgrade.
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    Problems with my new pc

    No need to correct. The originalRAM you bought is fast and will likely work with your existing setup.
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    Gigabyte A520M DS3H not compatible with Ryzen 5 3400G and Ryzen 3 3200G - why?

    Before you return it, try using the Bios Flashback (Q Flash Plus) or just the standard BIOS update to try to flash the latest firmware. I've read some people being able to run 2nd Gen Ryzens on B550 boards that are supposed to be incompatible, but they work fine anyway with newer BIOS versions.
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    Please update an old user - what's happened in the last 3 years?

    CPUs have improved quite a bit since then more than usual both in core count and clockspeed/ipc, and so have GPUs, but current GPU pricing is and will be crap until at least next year due to a number of reasons. At least you have a 1080ti though. That still performs more than decently. Buy it a...
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    Official EVGA Ampere Queue Thread

    I don't expect a definitive answer to this question but have to "ask" anyway -- is EVGA just moving that slowly or are there a gajillion orders for these cards?
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    Android 11 WiFi no throughput

    I'm going to guess it's a problem with the firmware itself.
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    Looking for advice: Zotac 3070 and EVGA 3070 Ti are the same price - which do I get?

    Given oblongpolygon 's latest post, the Zotac should be alright. Take note that the performance difference between the 3070 and the 3070TI is small. Also -- DPI is right, PCIE 3 vs 4 is totally irrelevant in this case.
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    Looking for advice: Zotac 3070 and EVGA 3070 Ti are the same price - which do I get?

    3070TI is faster and at the same price. Quality wise should be the same between the two cards. The XC3 and the Twin Edge are the 'entry' variants of both brands. If you live in the USA, EVGA probably also has easier customer service to deal with. I'll go with the 3070TI
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    help setting up 11400f on gigabyte b560

    1. Probs my bad. If your board has MCE, you probably dont need an unlocked CPU. Not sure which boards have MCE though. 2. I have it set to s4+s5 or something similar.
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    ROG X570 Dark Hero m.2_2 disconnecting at random intervals

    RMA time I think. :)
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    help setting up 11400f on gigabyte b560

    1. Not possible. You need a K CPU and a Z series board to do this. 2. Bclk overclock is probably possible, depending on your board. I have read about some B460 boards that have it. 3. Better to check the motherboard manual for the board you are considering. Hard to blanket tell you that...
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    (3) GTX 780 ti's to Drive (3) 2021 LG 27GP850 Monitors

    So long as you're fine running lower resolution while gaming, like 1080p, a 780TI should do fine. SLI is pretty much dead at this point, so your 3 cards are just about as good as one unless your game explicitly supports it.
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    1080Ti, 471.41 drivers causing DWM.EXE crashes (SOLVED!)

    I remember a youtuber talking about not being able to replicate an overclock they've been able to do a few times, and eventually they figured out it was an extension cord they have been using. Shrinking tolerances, higher precision electronics and pushing the limit of the silicon all...