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    Cleaning the bloat from Windows 10

    W10Privacy covers a lot of bases uninstall both User and System Apps and has the settings to block firewall, Tasks, Services, hosts along with common tweaks used by a lot
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    Win 10 hard freeze kills internet for whole house??

    Have you uninstalled metro apps or anything like that? tinkered with shutting down services? I disabled 1 service yesterday testing something and as the day went on net got slower and slower to the point that my provider hone page would not load. I thought it was external and called provider and...
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    Microsoft Edge..

    You can remove all the Metro APPS if you want. If you don't want to remove it then turn off live tile and unpin from start. Several have noticed strange things happening with Nov update 10586 where we removed some things and they started coming back. Disable Store Live Tile stops this for now...
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    Cleaning the bloat from Windows 10

    There is a better one I think Win 10 Toggle Tweaker
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    What is your Windows 10 bloatware removal tricks?

    I use my OS to learn things from programming and keep up with current things because I have to. Its how I make my money staying on top of Windows since I work in a plant where most the machines run a form of Windows from Dos on up. They say we are moving to W10 in the future but we will be...
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    W7 to W10 - Do you still have to "upgrade" first?

    I can say that if you have an OEM machine since it uses an OEM key to actrivate, HP, Dell whatever and have upgraded OS from previous through the MS upgrade anytime thing then 10586 WILL NOT ACTIVATE. I even tried the Pro OEM key gatherstate fixed that problem.
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    Easiest and quickest way to make a bit for bit image?

    Same Pc's then? You could slipstream all your updates into one image. I used to do that and only had to update my image once a month or 2. I created a right click on the .wim file just for this. You copy the entire disk to the hard drive then right click on the install.wim. You have to download...
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    Windows 10 won't connect via USB to phones

    Waiting on the EU to sue them for all these privacy issues with Win 10 and using up peoples bandwith for BS. BTW after plugging my phone in this W10 crap installed a driver for a SAMSUNG Mobile USB Modem. My S4 mini is now a Modem... WTH
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    Cleaning the bloat from Windows 10

    Some of those like candy crush, iheartradio you can just unpin and they disappear. No where on the all apps. Go to store I guess to get back Searching file contents you will find only reference to these embedded in...
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    How to clean install Windows 10 directly without upgrade

    yes once installed no need for the key any longer.
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    Windows 10 won't connect via USB to phones

    yep or you use same cable extension for about 3 years and it working with my phone's but Bro brought an external Usb drive over and I thought it was dead. Different port and cable and it showed up I see these everywhere in most stores, you don't buy them $2 dollar cables off the store counter...
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    How to clean install Windows 10 directly without upgrade

    Nope the adoption rate hasn't been that high according to top 7 OS
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    Maximinzing a window vertically by double clicking its edge

    Guess you never had to tune an older tv Vertical is the side, Horizontal is top and bottom. But to make it easier if you double click the title bar it should expand to fill screen
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    Windows 10 won't connect via USB to phones

    Might try a different cable or port. No drivers needed. Its just a usb connection so if not working on one OS most probably won't on another. Windows 10 I plug my S4 mini in and it pops up what do you want to do. Sync, Open device in explorer, nothing Open in explorer always been easiest thing...
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    How to clean install Windows 10 directly without upgrade

    Windows 10 build 10565 due November