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    FS: pair of Hanns G 28" monitors

    More PM's sent
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    FS: pair of Hanns G 28" monitors

    Replied to PMs.
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    FS: pair of Hanns G 28" monitors

    Monitors sold. Thanks for your interest everyone. Changing my setup a bit. Time to make things more portable. Nothing wrong with them, I'm looking for a 120hz 24-27" panel to drag to LANs. $SOLD each shipped in their original packaging, Fedex with tracking.
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    FS: Sapphire 5870 with EK waterblock and reference cooler

    Changed my build around and sad to see this fantastic card collecting dust. No issues with the card, I've had it for 6 months or so and am the original owner. $325 shipped continental US.
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    2 video cards non-sli?

    you can run SLI with 3 displays by picking the surround option.
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    Brand new EYEFINITy triple 27" monitor arm

    wonder if it would work with my 28" hanns.G monitors.
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    HAF 932 v. New Lian Li PC-9F

    the 8 card slots on the Lian Li is fantastic. I had to get rid of my HAF because it wouldn't fit 3 way SLI.
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    *SUPER HOT* ASUS GTX 470 $220 AR($20) on through antonline

    In for one to finish off my 3 way SLI.
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    Your CPU progression

    PI 133 PIII 700 Athlon 2200+ Q6600 i7 920
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    Easiest way to power 3 displays

    Cheap secondary card.
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    How About some 8043x1600 Goodness

    Interested to see the rad mounting process.
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    Anyone regretting their 980x purchase?

    I wish I had seen that deal.
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    Any news on the 95W 1055t?

    All power used becomes heat eventually. Something to always keep in mind.
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    upgrade to gtx 460 1gb?? i have a 5830

    lot of trouble for a little gain.
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    GTX 480 SLI on water

    Very nice overclocks.