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    Advice for LED lighting behind monitors

    I have a lightpak and love it! Reduces eyestrain and increases immersion.
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    34" 21:9 UltraWide Displays (3440x1440) - LG UM95/UM65 & Dell U3415W

    What kind of GPU horsepower would it take to have one of these, flanked by a 27' on either side?
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    Intel Xeon L5639 Hexa(6) Core LGA1366 Price:US $79.80 Used Ebay Seller

    I currently have a i7-950 on a Sabertooth Oced to 4Gigs. Its a gaming only rig, how much, if any, improvement will i see with one of these Xeons?
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    Humble Origin Bundle

    Yeah, seems to be working now without problems!
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    SATA drive in MSATA slot

    I agree, that would be the easy way, But im trying to do this the [H]ard way;)
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    SATA drive in MSATA slot

    Hey guys, So I have an older Intel x25 80GB laying around. I want to cram into my new Lenovo y500, using the MSATA slot. Anyone know of any adapter cables that will help me out?
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    New SSD. Troubles enabling AHCI.

    Well I use that PC strictly for gaming. So I guess ill just use that 250 Samsung on SATA2 as a games drive. Unless you guys think it would be better to put it on SATA3?
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    New SSD. Troubles enabling AHCI.

    I just ordered a Samsung 840 250GB to replace my Intel X-25 80GB I was hoping the change to SATA3 would reduce boot imies and increase performance in general. Im using an X58 ASUS Sabertooth. Will i not see an improvement?
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    Strange rattling noise during 3D-games?

    Have you checked your Power Supply? My seasonic makes noise when the fan spins up. I loosened the mounting screws a half turn each and that helped with the problem.
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    680 4GB with 570 FOR PhysX

    Sold them locally yesterday. I was starting to get worried haha!! My new 780 is epic, an hour of Borderlands2 last night was AMAZING!
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    680 4GB with 570 FOR PhysX

    Well im selling both 570s, Im hoping to get a little cash back, that 780 wasnt cheap! lol
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    NO Metro LL with 700 series

    Looking around on other forums, Im not the only person who assumed that higher than 660 included the 700 series. Its certainly not a dealbreaker, but it does piss me off a litle.
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    NO Metro LL with 700 series

    Yeah im certainly not whining about the money, its the misleading wording of the ad that bothers me.
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    NO Metro LL with 700 series

    For those of you in the market, Metro LL ONLY comes with the 600 series of cards, and the Titan. Those of us who purchased 700 series are out of luck. The advertisements they are running are kinda misleading, so I thought i would spare everyone else the heartache i felt yesterday when unboxing...