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    Securely erasing encrypted WD My Book before RMA

    I have a WD My Book that is already dying after a few months of usage, bad sectors, access issues, very slow reads, etc and I will RMA it. But I want to make sure the data that is on it cannot be accessed before returning it. The drive has always been run encrypted with password protection using...
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    Looking for a display with support for 1080p at 24 Hz / 25 Hz and 30 Hz signal

    I am looking for a display (computer monitor or small tv) that supports 1080p signals over hdmi at 24 Hz (and also 23.976), 25 Hz and 30 Hz (and also 29.97). Reason: it will be used as proofing monitor for a signal sent to a projector when screening movies. Same signal as the one sent to the...
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    Access HFS/APFS formatted external drives on Windows 10

    Not sure this is the right forum but... I need to access HFS/APFS (mac) formatted external/flash/thumb/etc. drives. I only need read-only access, and to be able to transfer files to a Windows 10 machine. Paid solution is fine, no need for freeware/open source. I have found the following...
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    Asus VN279Q Review by PRAD

    yes same panel
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    Small build for optical drives

    yep saw that when I read the manual... 2 ports even. I also remembered another reason for wanting another board was to set the SATA controller to IDE as I'm having issues with optical drives in AHCI mode on my current machine. And it seems all newest chipsets don't support IDE mode anymore. So...
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    Small build for optical drives

    Thanks. I guess I could stay just keep the Plextor and BenQ as IDE, and I already got the Silicon Image card flashed to IDE for them anyway. I like the idea of the Asus B150-PLUS suggested by iamwhoiamtoday in that regard, as I could spare a SATA port with an m.2 SSD. That gives my 8 drives, and...
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    PSU recommendation for Skylake Pentium G4400

    I rounded up my options 2 days ago, I intend to buy it all at once yes. And before buying I'm asking around. Whats wrong with that? And thanks Jorona :)
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    Small build for optical drives

    huh? I'm listening to the advice. yes I'm going to get a box. I already have the drives, they're in a 15yo P4 box, in which 2 ram slots are dead and can't run anymore. I just want a new box to put them in. I'm not going to spend loads of money on new USB drives, when I already got what I need...
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    PSU recommendation for Skylake Pentium G4400

    Building a small cheap computer, Skylake G4400 Pentium, 4 or 8gb RAM, 1 SSD, couple of optical drives, mainly small office work. (no gaming, no dedicated video card) I find it difficult to find a cheap yet reliable and not overkill PSU. All the ones that are recommended from calculators are...
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    Small build for optical drives

    well I already got all the cd and dvd drives anyway so... :) and I need a project so don't be a downer please :p I also agree on the 1/2 speed comment, I did the same observation. And an IDE interface for a plextor premium is a must anyway. That thing could rip some old scratched cds no other...
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    Small build for optical drives

    IDE is for some older CD drives like Plextor premiums, and for the BenQ DW1640 DVD scanner. It will be structly burning/scanning, all audio and video production will be done on my current i7-4770 machine, so no worries there :)
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    Small build for optical drives

    I'm gonna build a small pc with a bunch of optical drives. Going to burn some masters, need to scan then, etc. Main work will be done on my current Z87 machine, so no need to power, just something that can run win7/8/10 and maybe the next one(s) in the future without hassle. I found a cheap...
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    Asus 1215N issues with flash/optimus/ion

    I hope someone here faced the same issue because after 48h I am cluesless. I had to reinstall windows on my 1215N laptop. Everything went fine, but I cannot for the life of me get flash playback to work properly on the netbook screen. Regular HD playback with MPC-HC works fine, ION kicks in...
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    [Help] What is the monitor with the lowest level of brightness?

    he watches movies, no gaming (I think) I also tried a VA panel first (Asus VN279) and it was utter crap in a dark room. I think he needs something with an ATW polarizer (or whatever this is called nowadays) to have a glow-free monitor, and as little backlight bleed as possible. I went with a...
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    Help choosing the best monitor for movies

    this looks amazing, but I wonder what a standard dvd looks like on such a wide monitor...