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    Battlefield 1’s Anti-Cheat System Reportedly Banning Legit Players

    That's the really insidious aspect of cheating that people don't normally address. You could be playing against perfectly upstanding individuals who are legitimately good, but when they kill you in ways you can't explain or seem "too good," in the back of your mind you get angry because you...
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    What Legit Reviews Learned at CES2017 about Ryzen

    I've been buying AMD since I learned a lot of reasons to loathe current era intel and I honestly haven't noticed a difference in games or general computing for my use cases. If AMD can pull off a coup here and bring in the bleeding edge performance junkies, it will be a huge win.
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    Nintendo Announces New Paid Online Service For Switch

    Don't most console games use peer to peer anyway? What are they even pretending that you are paying for?
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    Lucasfilm Says It Has “No Plans” For A Digital Carrie Fisher

    Her acting in that force awakens movie was the worst I've ever seen, and that says a lot about a movie filled with people who were collectively the worst I've ever seen. On the plus side, at least we got a nice rifftrax out of her debacle.
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    Mayer Going Gone & Yahoo! renamed Altaba

    So will the sycophants finally come to terms with the fact that Mayer was a terrible, under-qualified, and overhyped CEO?
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    The Australian Federal Court Has Fined Valve $3 Million

    Why do they even bother price adjusting for different countries? I don't understand law at all, but governments and businesses always feel like they're conspiring to shaft non-US citizens with the crazy price hikes on friggin' digital goods.
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    Robots WILL Kill Us All

    It says distributed; are these things networked? Sounds like more wasted money against anything but 3rd world terrorists who don't know how to jam. More free hardware for the russians to take with their anti drone weapons they sell to their client states.
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    Xbox Chief Apologizes For Sexy Dancers At GDC Party

    Haven't they realized that apologizing only makes things worse for them?
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    Could Hulk Hogan’s $115 Million Win Destroy Gawker?

    Hulk Hogan doing God's work.
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    Automatic Emergency Braking Coming To 99% Of Cars By 2022

    Nothing possibly bad could ever come as a result of having network enabled cars stuffed with computers.
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    Girl Quits Being A 'Boobie Streamer'

    Why is this news.
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    J.J. Abrams: Portal, Half-Life Movies Still Happening

    Not a star wars guy so maybe I'm the wrong audience, but the new star wars movie was the worst movie I have ever seen. Leaving aside the fact that it was basically "Sergeant Bergdahl: the Movie," it had the worst acting this side of an ed wood film and more retarded plot holes than prometheus...
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    Ghostbusters Official Trailer

    Wow, this looks legitimately terrible. Hollywood in trouble?
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    J.J. Abrams: Gay Characters Coming To Star Wars

    I don't really care about star wars; I'm still mad that I got dragged into that movie and it had the worst acting I've ever seen outside of Manos: the hands of fate. Critics loved Star Wars and thought it had great acting. It's like i'm in this weird dimension where terrible acting is the...
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    Dota 2 Host Fired By Gabe Newell Tries To Explain Himself

    I know nothing about dota, but this James guy sounds like a pretty fun commentator. ESPN-esports are boring. In the Fighting Game Community, he's the rule and not the exception: no wonder we'll never get the valve treatment.