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    AMD's StoreMI Technology @ [H]

    NVME is fast, but still noticeably more expensive just wish we would see 5.25" bay HDD's seems a transition that would make far too much sense for spinning rust to stave off extinction awhile longer. The SATA III is defiantly a cache bottleneck concern as well that's gone too overlooked I mean...
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    Control Raytracing

    My only thoughts on this before AMD and after is Nvidia...
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    Poll: Tensor (TPU) Cores on consumer GPUs: Boon or Bust?

    DLSS is probably just a initial stepping stone for both ray tracing and VR for performance reasons. The other thing for tensor cores is sure they are good for machine learning which has various applications both inside/outside of gaming/game development. The other aspect of DLSS is the latency...
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    Poll: Tensor (TPU) Cores on consumer GPUs: Boon or Bust?

    As far as DLSS goes the DPI would skew peoples perceptions on it a fair amount. Another generational change to underlying tensor cores to it could improve the quality further to the point where at 4K it's highly acceptable and at 1440p a bit like it is now at 4K being a option that's rather hit...
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    Budget Joystick?

    I don't like the spring tension on the Logitech stick personally and the hat control feels cheap which at $35's I suppose it is really. The bigger thing for me is the spring. I also wish they had a wireless one in product in that price range. I've gotten to a point where I'd just prefer more...
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Riff Racer, Starblast, and Bloodline of Prima are the most recent games I've been playing. Starblast I'd recommend the others idk they are hit or miss recommendations I'd say. Bloodlines of Prima is rough around edges and in early access, but it is sort of unique and interesting and kind of...
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    Slim mechanical keyboards

    Scissor switch is a rubber dome technically speaking though it seems like the rubber is a bit less stiff and rigid on them. It's a bit quieter and a lot quicker and it's a super stable key press due to the two arms on it with a low actuation point and low travel and good key return due to the...
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    Slim mechanical keyboards

    I'm not a fan of those key caps Outbreaker the flat keys just don't feel as nice to type on to me. The coolermaster one is more like a regular key cap though I'd rather type on that. I love low profile low actuation point low travel keyboards though in terms of rapid typing response that's why I...
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    Slim mechanical keyboards

    Yeah I enjoy it a lot feels great. I can't see going back to a full height keyboard ever after a day on this keyboard. Feels less fatiguing, feels quicker, and is quite a bit quieter overall especially if typing more gently with it. If I were to try anything else I'd it would be the a Cherry MX...
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    Slim mechanical keyboards

    I was looking at the Corsair K63 and K70's the K63 is wireless, but not low profile though, but would be cool if they made a MX low profile wireless version with that design layout at some point. I'm sure a lot of people would enjoy such a pairing. I'm very pleased with Cherry SX scissor...
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    Slim mechanical keyboards

    I just got a Cherry B. Unlimited that came today Cherry SX Scissor switches low profile wireless laser engraved keys. It's got this style scissor key cap for the record. Cherry's KeyMan software lets you program the F1-F12 keys and the calculator/email/home button keys above the number pad. If...
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    Thin(ner) Mouse Pads for Wireless

    You make like one of these and you can get custom graphic art designed ones as well though the size might be slightly different. Amazon has the same type of extra large desk mat's as well though Ebay is often a little bit cheaper...
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    Elecom JC-U4113SWH (controller) Rapid Fire

    I imported one of these controllers from Japan that I received today it was roughly $35's on Ebay. It's rather interesting in the windows 10 under the hardware tab in hardware properties it shows up as a Xbox 360 controller for windows. Seems like a little of a strange oddity, but maybe that's...
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    Crytek Demos Real-Time Ray Traced Reflections Running on an AMD Vega 56

    As far as the RAM issue is concerned AMD should make a infinity fabric connected device like Asus Hyper M.2 and have it utilize GDDR/HBM instead of NAND. Radeon Pro's have something a bit like that, but it's just a standard M.2 NAND. If they AMD could do that with actual VRAM that is much faster...
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    Firefox 66 to Block Audible Sound from Autoplay Video and Audio by Default

    Got it to work on the CBS site, but didn't work for YouTube why can't it just be simple and work like you'd expect everywhere. Oh well if works at all some places better than nothing.