Elecom JC-U4113SWH (controller) Rapid Fire


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Aug 15, 2008
I imported one of these controllers from Japan that I received today it was roughly $35's on Ebay. It's rather interesting in the windows 10 under the hardware tab in hardware properties it shows up as a Xbox 360 controller for windows. Seems like a little of a strange oddity, but maybe that's common with PC controllers in windows 10.


Wireless receiver strength doesn't penetrate too great thru a desk if plugged into the back of a PC case, but on front USB port it works great and gets more distance than I'd want or need as well.

The feel of it overall is nice handles are slightly rubberized. The ergonomics aren't as good as they could be with refinement, but Elecom did alright though should look to improve future designs further in how the handles themselves feel.

Most unique aspect of the controller is it's rapid fire button function. You can assign any of the button aside from the two bottom L/R analog z-axis buttons to have a 5ms/10ms/15ms rapid fire function. You hold down the auto or clear button and press a button to turn it on or off it's simple enough. If you turn the device itself off via the switch it clears all the rapid fire button assignments. That could be viewed as convenient/inconvenient depending on the person a separate switch to have a memory stored/cleared rapid fire function would have been more ideal to be fair. I felt the rapid fire worked great in Tales of Berseria better than I'd have imagined game's combo system and button smashing is extremely well suited to the rapid fire function use the analog sticks and hold the button and combo string away effortlessly.

Those bottom two L/R shoulder buttons show up in calibration as Z-Axis buttons. Those two are also lighter and squishy to press than the top two shoulder buttons which are a fair bit more firm, but those two use Omron switches if I'm not mistaken. The bottom I guess are some kind of analog switches since they are pressure sensitive.

The D-Pad is alright, but not the best I've come across at the same time. I really miss the SEGA Saturn D-Pad that thing was very good.

The analog sticks themselves have a reasonably light spring tension. The thumb stick height is fairly low. They both felt perfectly calibrated and return to dead center perfect. They also have a smooth circle gate which feels nice. I'm tempted to look into modifying the analog sticks themselves with higher ones. The controller itself has tri-wing screws so I'd have to buy one to mod it or at least how I had in mind. I'd like to try out endless encoder mixer knobs in place of conventional analog thumb sticks they have the same knob style attachment so so should fit over fine, but I'm unsure how they'd feel comparatively though they should be taller and a bit more slender depending on the knob type so could be nice actually perhaps it's hard to say definitively speaking.
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