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    MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti GAMING X TRIO Picture Leaks

    Don't know if it will mean anything for the future, but SLI is a supported technology over nvlink on the Quadro GV100.
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    US Senators Are Working to Secure Enough Votes to Reinstate Net Neutrality Rules

    You know, my reason for being concerned about net neutrality is that when you follow the money, it's coming from people I don't trust at all. A lot of corporations were pushing for it to stay in place and I was concerned then because I didn't trust them either. To me that is a red flag that...
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    Petition for MacBook Pro Recall over Broken Keyboards Close to 10K Signatures

    Needs a nap for sure. While I would normally be happy to see someone critical of Linus, Nolan's argument really isn't even an argument. Sad!
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    does mining really lower the lifespan of GPU cards?

    Not to go too far of topic but I'm getting sick of running tons of junk software just to make the fans spin on my equipment. If I pay $400 something for a 1600 watt power supply, or twice that for a high end gpu, I'm probably not putting it in a dead silent build, and I probably don't want...
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    New Doom Movie Will Have a Female Lead

    You also specifically picked the exception to the rule yourself.
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    Gsync 4k 144hz HDR monitor prices 'released'

    The perfect monitor for gaming on my new Quadro GV100s. I have a feeling this would be like my 60hz 4k gsync experience and I'd have to go through 3 panels just to settle on one that actually works despite dead pixels and bad back light bleed. I'll pass.
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    Man Starts “Gunbook” after Gun-Loving Friends Get Kicked Off Facebook

    I don't consider having the ability to defend my wife and children from criminals cowardice. Just being careful, while necessary, doesn't always cut it. YMMV.
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    Titan V versus 2x 1080Ti's

    If you won't feel it in your bank account the V will likely support RTX and will perform better overall. Quite a bit better at 4k. People keep saying lack of gaming drivers but I've had no issues other than the launch driver having some stuttering. I'm using the same GeForce drivers as everyone...
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    Don;t Shunt Mod!

    Sure, this is Nvidia's fault for locking their cards to 120% power in the bios.. /75%sarcasm I think a dab of solder has too low resistance compared to the liquid metal and the card realizes something is up.
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    NVIDIA TITAN V Video Card Gaming Review @ [H]

    I wonder if tensor cores can be used for real time ray tracing like pcper's guess? Will be interesting to see what consumer Volta will bring now that nvidia has pretty much confirmed it. I bet it won't be long now.
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    NVIDIA Ray Tracing Tech To Be Announced Next Monday, In Partnership With Microsoft

    Sounds like nvidia had to find a use for their tensor cores and they found it. Am I the only one surprised that this is how they announced Volta for desktop?
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    Apple Invents Keyless Keyboards for Macs and iPad Pro

    I never noticed this but wasn't that system supposed to have been up and running for 20 years? But uptime in top is 8 days..
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    If there is dog / cat hair, does it matter how big your CPU cooler is?

    I used to do general IT for a pork company. Lots of brown dust buildup in the farm pcs. The smell would never leave them. Laptops were great too. Power them on for instant farm smell anywhere. It really grows on you though.
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    "More Secure" Architecture?

    Interesting statement by Torvalds.
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    Number 3 in this top 5 worst processors of all time is technically somewhat a lie

    To be fair he is saying nothing negative about the arch itself, just it's inability to get any traction anywhere.