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    Is Netflix Planning the Ultimate Super Bowl Surprise with “Cloverfield” Sequel?

    I know someone mentioned RAW earlier. I liked it as well. Another horror movie I thought was fantastic was The Void.
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    Meet the Man Who Deactivated the President’s Twitter Account

    I feel deleting the orange turd's twitter account was on account of our safety.
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    Encryption Showdown? FBI Can’t Get into Texas Church Shooter’s Phone

    I specifically mentioned the AR-15 because it is the "most popular rifle in America" with 8 million sold and also the weapon of choice for Sutherland Springs, Las Vegas, Orlando, San Bernadino, Aurora, and Newtown shootings. Because all of these shooters had the "copy cat" mentality of using...
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    Encryption Showdown? FBI Can’t Get into Texas Church Shooter’s Phone

    I like how Texas has the laziest gun laws in the nation and instead of putting regulations on AR-15s, the Texas Legislature would rather have a backdoor for cell phones.
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    Email Remains the Dominant Form of Work Communication

    My company is doing the same shit. I'm ignoring these dumb Yammer shits.
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    Logitech Buys Astro Gaming for $85 Million

    I have an A50. It is by far my favorite wireless headset by far. It also works with the PS4. I only see Astro going down hill from here.
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    Prime Day Starts TODAY - 7/10/17

    I bought a PS4 Slim so I can have Tekken 7 parties with my drinking friends.
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    Final Fantasy XIV Official Release Thread

    I think the longest part is waiting for the instances to pop. I'm doing the 3rd one today. I am lvl 23 so they feel easy.
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    Final Fantasy XIV Official Release Thread

    I started playing Monday night and last night I hit 21. I'm looking into how to get a chocobo. I hope it doesn't take long.
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    Final Fantasy XIV Official Release Thread

    I haven't played this game. Would starting from the beginning be a bad idea? Are there enough players at the start to progress easily?
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    WannaCry RansomWorm Loves Windows 7

    My Windows 7 machine has been running 24/7 for the past year. I only reboot it to install updates.
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    The MP3 Is Officially Dead

    ...unlike this thread that keeps getting resurrected. Ohh... that reminds me. I should find my Zune. It's doo-doo brown.
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    If You Bought $100 of Bitcoin 7 Years Ago, You'd Be Sitting on $72.9 Million Now

    If you had that much bitcoin, it probably would have been stolen from you.
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    Destiny 2 Gameplay Live Stream

    Is there any way to watch the video? I'm a little late.
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    Lawsuit: UploadVR Had "Kink Room," Pressured Female Employees to "Microdose"

    Small does of LSD. Back in my day, we didn't microdoses. We would sit on 6th street with blotter we got from a crackhead and laugh at all the cops as they shot us with bean bags. That's the way it was and we liked it!