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    Steam: how many hours?

    TF2 - 5090
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    Post Your Workstations 2017

    that is awesome, great work
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    Looking for a good web hosting company ?

    big thumbs up for some of the suggestions, definitely checking out two of them!
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    Suggestions for home phone service over internet

    i havent had a landline in years, but RFOneWatt's idea is great
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    Anyone ever get bored of their case?

    Very board, just very lazy...thought about making a couple different cases. probably will just do nothing. I really should post pictures of it, cause it was an amazing(ly cheap) case 15 years ago.
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    Project: mITX SFF custom case

    still great work!
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    "ROG Carbine" Scratchbuild DCMM

    That is great! Crushed my internet...but totally worth it.
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    Fractal Meshify C (TG+airflow)

    reading everything on this page, and looking at a good chunk of the review on this video, i expected the case to be a bit more expensive than that. Awesome case, thanks for the heads up!
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    tenkay desk

    looks great man, i remember checking this out like a year ago and thinking, damn thats going to be bad ass.
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    Small business needs a new logo

    i second that logo design is very hard. I have been trying to learn inkscape to recreate and redesign stuff on my own. This guy has some tutorials (how I found him), but also has a halfway decent portfolio. Youtube channel: Website...
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    Looking for some advice on hardware

    So, as the title read, I am looking on some advice. I have not been built myself a new computer for a while as my rig (as seen below in my signature) has been holding pretty well. I have only gotten new ram and a new (used) video card over the last several years that I got very cheap (not listed...
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    i like it. what is it made of?
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    Caselabs SM-8 Modded.

    beastly, very nice
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    My handmade aluminium chassis project

    great. love the fabrication