Looking for some advice on hardware


Aug 5, 2009
So, as the title read, I am looking on some advice. I have not been built myself a new computer for a while as my rig (as seen below in my signature) has been holding pretty well. I have only gotten new ram and a new (used) video card over the last several years that I got very cheap (not listed below). Through work, I came into some newer gear that broke and co-workers discarded.

I have two bad MBs, 2 processors (seemingly good but cant test) and plenty of ram. One MB (sabertooth p67) wont post and shows a VGA error LED with about 5 spare video cards I have tested. The other MB is a Dell with bent and broken pins. My GPU is ok, so I am going to hold on to that.

The processors are an i7 2600k and an i5 3350p.

At this point, I would want one of these operational, but if I can get both that is a bonus. Basically I am thinking a H77 Z75 or Z77 chipset one so I can test out both CPUs and hope that one still works.

So I have been browsing the FS page and eBay looking for deals on stuff to get but wanted to really know what i should look out for and what I should avoid and if it is even worth it to upgrade. I am trying to do this relatively cheaply.

Also this being said, I play limited games (I stick to my older, less intense games) and have a HTPC (Dell XPS w/ i7 920) I am looking to upgrade as well (hence the two boards). I would make the 2600k my main use computer and the 3350p my HTPC due to lower power consumption and being a little quicker than the current HTPC. Form factor is of little consequence right now as long as i can pop a card or two (likely 1 GPU and one general PCI-e) in each I am pretty happy.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, I still love my old rig but I stumbled into this opportunity for a small upgrade and figured I would ask you experts. I am not looking for a full new system, I am saving money to upgrade my machine when HL3, Portal 3, & L4D3 are released (lol).