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    iPhone 6 Notification pull down

    On my iPhone 6, I have noticed that sometimes when I try to pull down the notification center, it won't always pull down all the way. Sometimes, it will get stuck at the halfway point. When it gets stuck, I cannot move it up or down. The only way to move it is to push the Home button. I've...
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    Considering building htpc

    Thanks for the responses. What I've learned so far: if I'm wanting HD audio*, I need a different solution than Rokus. * I haven't checked out what HD audio means. I do play all audio through a receiver and speakers in one of the rooms (all bedroom TVs use the TV speakers only). The setup is...
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    Considering building htpc

    Hey peeps - I've been considering taking on a new project to build a home theater pc. I'm a bit worried that my requirements for the HTPC are too stringent, and wanted to ask others how they solved the problems. I currently have four televisions in the house: main, master, two upstairs...
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    Are regular smartphones on the cusp of getting too big?

    Its disappointing that a general question about smartphones quickly degraded into an Android vs Apple debate, but I guess that is to be expected as that is all I ever see when an internet discussion about phones. I personally have not found a smart phone that 'fits' me. I still throw my phone...
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    determining bottlenecks

    Thanks for the replies, guys. Both kids tend to use Netflix at the same time. For some reason neither watches normal TV or any of the ~300 bluray dvd's we own. Doing a quick search, it doesn't look like Apple's products have any type of QoS support. So I might need to swap out for a...
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    determining bottlenecks

    Hey guys - I suck at networking but I understand basic computing. So I'd appreciate a little assistance. I don't understand how to determine network bottlenecks. I recently moved into a new house that has Cat 5e (supposedly... I haven't verified if it is 5 or 5e) throughout. My internet...
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    First time Macbook Pro owner

    Personally, I really appreciate the app Caffeine. I have it installed on all my Macs.
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    All in one WMC/TV/Receiver remote?

    I've always liked Harmony remotes, especially before they were bought by Logitech. Great remotes. But as mentioned by Brahmzy, make sure you like the button placement on whichever remote you buy.
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    Former PC folks who switched?

    I bought a used MacBook Pro, primarily to use iPhoto and a couple other Mac-only apps. It took a long time for me to realize that I wasn't really enjoying it. But I realized part of the reason I didn't like the MacBook was because I had a hard time switching gears, going from Windows to Mac...
  10. J Adds IMAP Support

    This. used to be Until now, if you wanted imap for hotmail, you had to spend $20 a year.
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    iPhone 5 power button problems

    I've had issues with my wife's power button, and my older iPhone 4 had an issue with the volume. Power was easily replaced by Genius bar. Same with volume (which is a 'rocker' switch). Took me longer to take the stupid phones into the store than it did for them to replace the worn parts.
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    Updates on PC cause BFBC2 black screen

    Setting the .ini file to all 'low' settings allows me to now see everything (no more black video). While in game, making ANY video setting changes to something other than Low causes the black to reappear. That's rather curious to me. And I am still using the 4850. Since I hadn't made any...
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    Updates on PC cause BFBC2 black screen

    Hey guys - After taking ~ 1.5 years off from playing, I decided to load up BFBC2 on my desktop. I installed all Windows updates, and updated all drivers (basically just my video card's). After trying to determine I had the updated game (still not certain), I loaded it and searched for some of...
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    WP8 users, post up what you think would be welcome improvements?

    lol, I had to check which forum I was in... I saw WP8 and thought OP was referring to Word Perfect.
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    Wife and my iMessages all messed up despite two different iCloud accounts.

    My wife and I had similar happen with our iPhones. What surprised me is that she uses a Verizon iPhone and I use an AT&T (obviously not on the same contract). She somehow managed to add my phone number and iMessage info to her phone. Had she not started questioning the text messages, I...