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    HIS R9 270x - No Reserve
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    HIS Radeon R9 270x IceQ X² - 2GB GDDR5 - 1000MHz

    I have two of these up for sale. They're good cards, especially in crossfire. All original accessories and box included.
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    Best way to limit leechers

    Very very easy using mod_rewrite. You would match based on the request starting with index.php. If it doesn't match then you would rewrite the request to index.php.
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    Simple psexec UI

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    MSI Z77A-GD56 Motherboard - LGA 1155

    Thanks for the heads up, it is the 65.
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    Microsoft volume licensing issue

    When you try to activate and it fails, you will be given a phone number to call.
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    MSI Z77A-GD56 Motherboard - LGA 1155

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    PCIe slot dead?

    I've actually had this happen once. I was playing around with GPU voltages and tried a voltage that was too low. Kind of weird because I never though I could damage anything by undervolting it too much. Anyway long story short the pci-e slot was damaged but the video card still worked in other...
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    Keyboard & mouse stop working

    Glad to hear you got it figured out.
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    Need help asap! OS issue!

    That makes a lot more sense.
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    Microsoft volume licensing issue

    Even if it didn't work, if you have legit licenses there's always a number provided that you can call. I've had to do that a couple times when reinstalling /w oem keys. I've never had an issue, and in my experience Microsoft just activates anything that people call in for. There doesn't seem to...
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    Logitech mouse 12,000 DPI improves on old features

    It's a wonder how anyone even played games with the old ball mice.
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    Need help asap! OS issue!

    That's kind of weird. Are you sure you're using clean media? Maybe the malware is spreading from a usb drive or network share.
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    How did X11coin fly under the radar?

    A lot of the really big hashers are just renting through betarigs and what have you.
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    Most of my clients use Sophos. It's pretty reliable, easy to use, has lots of features for centralized control. In general I find it less intrusive than other corporate packages. With that said, we did have some performance issues with it. One part of its "end-point" security package is a tool...