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    Samsung UN65KU6300 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV $999 @Amazon

    No. The 9000 has Supreme Motion Rate 240 (vs 8000 with Motion Rate 240), upgraded dimming technology, and it's brighter. For some people, these are "minor" and not worth the extra coin. I paid < $1900 shipped for the 9000, and it can be had for around $1700 today. I like to have the best...
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    Samsung UN65KU6300 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV $999 @Amazon

    Besides price, why not upgrade to the 9000 series? Reviews are very positive
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    Klipsch Promedia 2.1 Speaker System-$149 - $40 coupon and FS!

    These were on sale for $99 through Best Buy about two weeks ago when I purchased a set. I'll be picking them up tonight.
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    Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Speaker System $99.99 BestBuy Today Only

    Snagged one! My only concern is the subwoofer, which I'll probably turn down low to prevent the inevitable low frequency distortion and audio imbalance. I'm figuring that I can upgrade the subwoofer at a later time if desired.
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    SanDisk SSD PLUS 480GB Solid State Drive for $99 @Amazon

    How about the Ultra II 480GB for $98.99 shipped?
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    Gaming Not The Most Important Thing In My Life

    +1 pretty much all of these posts. I may not be a Software Engineer if it weren't for being introduced to PC gaming on a 386. Since graduating university several years ago, I've found that all I have time for is occasionally re-visiting some old games. There is no time to pick up a new game...
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    Thief (2014) + DLCs $26

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    Thief Gold (1998) steam key (free, $7 value)

    People would get a lot further in life if they worked as hard at getting a job as they do at peddling junk.
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    Thief Gold (1998) steam key (free, $7 value)

    And just in case you want something with updated graphics... as of today, Steam now has a new Thief game. What impeccable timing! ;)
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    Thief Gold (1998) steam key (free, $7 value)

    Whenever I feel guilty about visiting these forums because of the temptation to spend money, threads like this one are posted and make me feel good about myself again. THANKS, OP!
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    Amazon: Sound Blaster Z - $86.56

    This is a great soundcard that brought my Logitech Z-5500 to life. However, these were on sale for ~$60 a few months ago.
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    Rocksmith 2014 Edition $33, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag $30

    I just purchased Rocksmith 2014 for PC yesterday 'on sale' from Steam for $45. grrrrr
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    Creative Sound Blaster Z 70SB150200000 $54.99

    I thought $60 was a good deal for this card when I bought it a few weeks ago. Great sound card!
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    HOT Sennheiser HD650 $319

    I tried code CYBT3PPS and it didn't work. The Paramount code works, however. It's a good thing the code didn't work for me; as much as I want these cans, I didn't really want to spend that money on headphones :P Edit: Verified - EXPIRED