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    Cat 6

    most cat 6 is 23 gauge, cat 5 is 24 gauge...the plug will be too small for the wires.
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    temporary network cable like a extension cord?

    Something like this?
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    568A and 568B wiring question

    I always use B unless matching existing. I will say that A makes it easier to use 2 phone lines or a 2 pair digital phone with 4 pair cable since the blue and orange pairs are in the same positions as USOC.
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    Ethernet cable short by about 2', best way to extend? (outdoors)

    do not use beanies for data!! Just use a jack and plug in the enclosure.
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    Question on Patch Panel setup?

    That is exactly when I do when terminating - flip the panel over and screw it to the bracket.
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    Question about network wiring

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    Insulation for ethernet cables

    Why can't you just cut it back and reterminate?
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    shared folder/file permissions issue

    We have a shared folder setup with a bunch of subfolders and html files (internal website) User has full permissions to the folder and subfolders, can create new documents in the folder, but can't save changes in the html files when edited with wordpad. It gives an error 'Access to (file) was...
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    Experience with or opinions of 'Platinum Tools' products??

    Their stuff is ok for light use. Would not recommend for a professional installer but you should be fine with it.
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    Recommend me a punch down tool

    Agreed. I think I have 5 or 6 different punchdown tools but the D914S is tops.
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    Networking and wiring question

    The issue is not the plate, the issue is that it's using couplers, IE the wires coming out of the wall would have plugs crimped on, then plugged into the coupler. Get a 6 port plate and 6 punchdown jacks if you go that route.
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    Acrobat Reader DC crashes when trying to print

    This turned out to be an issue with the Xerox network print driver. I uninstalled, installed as an IP printer using drivers from Xerox's site and everything works. Just an FYI in case someone else runs into this.
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    Acrobat Reader DC crashes when trying to print

    HP 8470p w/ Windows 7 pro - whenever the user (or myself) tries to print a PDF the program just closes. I've tried removing DC, installing Acrobat XI, reinstalling DC, same issue. I get some errors in event viewer - Log Name: Application Source: Application Error Date...
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    Recommend me a punch down tool

    The 568-C standard does not have anything to do with the color code, I found some more information here:
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    Networking and wiring question

    posted in wrong thrread. oops!