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    Proton mail may log ips after all...

    Proton Logs IPS Written by Jeff Stone Sep 7, 2021 | CYBERSCOOP ProtonMail, the encrypted email service that’s built a reputation for safeguarding user data, said it had no choice but to provide details about an activist to French authorities, amid mounting questions about the privacy...
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    Microsoft Internal Documents - Permanent Work From Home

    Work from home is nice, but I miss commuting. I like driving and sitting in traffic just doesnt bother me that much. I find driving in and driving home gives me time to prepare and unwind. Walking down stairs from the bedroom to the office just doesnt have the same effect.
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    Images in conversations

    That doesnt seem to work in conversations.
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    Images in conversations

    Hello - I wanted to see if I was missing something. Is it possible to ad an image to a conversation? I see what appears to be a picture icon, but it seems to only allow an http:\\ link. I also checked the +Camera icon and it seems to only allow media from a website, like youtube or...
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    Millennium Bug (20yrs on) - Computerphile

    I still remember exactly what I was doing, drinking hard and partying at my friend John's house in northern New Mexico. I made it the latest, around 2 am and passed out watching some James Bond flick. Fun times.
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    "You Can't Take my Door" a Country Song Written by AI

    No, the perfect country song is: you never even called me by my name - David Allan Coe.
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    MLB Tests Trackman Computer System to Inform Umpires of Balls and Strikes

    No, just fucking no. An integral part of baseball is figuring out the umpires strike zone and pitching to it. Baseball isnt a short term game, it's about the long game. Umpires change every game and they all see something differently. This whole, "let's speed up baseball movement" is horse...
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    Anybody out There Still Listening to Music on AM or FM Radio?

    I don't really listen to music on the radio, but talk radio and baseball games, I'm all over on the local mega AM station. Nothing more exciting than sitting around some afternoon and listening to a baseball game.
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    AAA Study Claims Cold Weather Significantly Shortens EV Range

    This is just another example of why these things need to die. ICE for life.
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    "Criminal Conduct": NYPD Asks Google to Scrap Waze's DUI/DWI Checkpoints

    Just anther city that is pissed because they are losing a revenue stream. Get bent NYC.
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    Senate, House Bills Aim to Kill $7,500 Electric Vehicle Tax Credit, Add New EV Tax

    Good. Get rid of the credit and get people who buy these electric vehicles to pay a use tax to drive on the roads. While they are at it, they should force bicyclists over 18 to register, licence and insure their bikes. Unless you want to walk everywhere - everybody needs to pay to travel. BTW...
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    Tesla Drastically Increases Supercharger Prices around the World

    I have a coworker that would like to disagree with you. When it is cold, she can't run her heater without suffering significant battery loss. She keeps blankets in the car just so she doesn't have to run the heater. Also, her car uses more energy or to say it differently, doesn't last as long...
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    Tesla Drastically Increases Supercharger Prices around the World

    I guarantee you I have expired food in my fridge right now and I don't mean a day or two expired, I probably have yogurt that is months beyond the date, it's still fine. The simple fact is, unless it's growing something or smells bad, it's ok to eat.
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    Tesla Drastically Increases Supercharger Prices around the World

    That is only effective when you drive in Washington State. When you cross the boarder, you are driving and damaging the roads without paying for the eventual repairs that will be needed. The gas tax assists in road repairs no matter what state you drive in.
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    Tesla Drastically Increases Supercharger Prices around the World

    I believe bicyclists should be charged a licence and registration fee as well. Anyone over 16 that is. I never claimed to not use rare earth minerals, I just don't believe in using them in massive car batteries. Yes, super markets should be allowed to transfer expired or soon to expire food to...