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    The only thing I miss is network data. Easiest way to get meaningful data?

    After years of running UTMs, I have been running an ERL for quite some time now. I bought it years ago, ran it for a while, went back to the UTM, then finally permanently back to the ERL a couple years ago. It's great, I feel I've built a good ACL-based firewall on it, and after getting it set...
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    Help with new home network?

    Hmm... If you don't know if you need IPS/IDS I can virtually guarantee you don't need it. IDS/IPS is often used as a false sense of security for home users. It needs to be actively babysat with a real security team to be of any benefit whatsoever, and in most instances IDS with other security...
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    Compressed air can only do so much.

    That's not "just a smoker". Props to you for doing it for only two hours labor. I don't think I would have even touched it :D. I worked in a local large tire chain, and even their re-manufacturing plant didn't get gear that dirty.
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    Anyone using Netgear 10gbe switches?

    I usually tend to pick something else, but certain grades of their stuff have actually served me very well. I used to work in a lab that did heavy system imaging, pretty much constantly. I burned through all kinds of industrial grade rackmount switches, but was never able to kill a single...
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    Need a 512GB 2.5 drive for game installs. Recommendations?

    Samsung and Crucial have been my primary as well, but I have a few SanDisk (now WD?) drives that have been around for quite some time and completely reliable (so far). I have a gaming rig I just upgraded/built with a Sabrent NVMe Rocket and it's working fine so far. Most name brands will be...
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    Ubiquiti equipment

    I've been looking at the 4, if I stay with UBNT it will most likely be the next one I pick up. I've had my ERL for ages now, mine was like the first series when they changed over from the plastic to metal case, WAN was still eth1, and the wizards were in their infancy LOL. I'm actually amazed...
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    Ubiquiti equipment

    Depending on the device, that's almost a requirement for UBNT! Mine has been very reliable (router/AP), but it's not the fastest and I always have to research before updating my ERL to prevent bricking it.
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    Increasing server capacity intelligently - adding vdev mirrors vs. replacing disks

    The R5 came in today. It's so much larger than my T110; I'm going to have to re-arrange my network shelf height. Nicely made though, I only have experience with one other Fractal case and I am happy with both. I think I've decided the best way to go for now is to rebuild the new server, and...
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    Take care Nikon has ended all support Windows 7. Don't buy Nikon or Sony.

    Nikon is also a smaller company and has taken a beating lately. Nikon recently dropped their sporting optics lines didn't they? It's entirely possible that on top of the choice to follow the operating system creator's support path, they simply don't have the resources to continue to support...
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    Increasing server capacity intelligently - adding vdev mirrors vs. replacing disks

    That makes complete sense, and I might still stick with it for that reason (or that I don't have to restore from backup). My only real thought there is that I get more efficient storage with arguably better protection converting to raidz2. I have 5.87TB of data currently, and it's taken me...
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    Increasing server capacity intelligently - adding vdev mirrors vs. replacing disks

    The R5 looks perfect, and quite a bit cheaper and smaller than the Chenbro in the end. That should work fine! I'm considering now if I should leave the array in mirrors, or destroy the mirrored pairs and convert to raidz2. With 6 disks that would seem much more efficient, or I could go to a...
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    Increasing server capacity intelligently - adding vdev mirrors vs. replacing disks

    That's the direction I'm leaning as it's the cheapest. Anyone have solid case recommendations? I found a Chenbro that looks pretty reasonable but it is a little pricey. Could probably use it for years though.
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    Increasing server capacity intelligently - adding vdev mirrors vs. replacing disks

    My storage array just hit 80% capacity on my FreeBSD/ZFS file server, so I guess I need to start thinking about increasing capacity. I want to plan it appropriately to make sure I'm not chasing dead ends or end up with a whole pile of parts I don't need from projects I didn't do like I have...
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    Small installations, rPi vs PC-based VM server?

    I've had pretty good luck with SanDisk SD/microSD cards (touch wood). SanDisk has a (new?) "High Endurance" series that are supposed to be more reliable, waterproofier, etc: Amazon Link. Booting from USB pretty much solves all of that, though. I should check that out. I think my biggest...
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    Xbox One X from MS $350

    I recently box an Xbox One X on a whim, and honestly I've been pretty happy with it. My gaming HTPC wasn't working and I was really sick so I picked it up. I can't remember what I paid, either $350 or $300 with Gears (all) but didn't get a second controller. The gameplay is decent, especially...