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    Must have VR games?

    Serious Sam VR The Last Hope is my favorite VR game:
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    Optane and I+

    Yup. That's exactly what I tried to do >__> Ended up returning my Optane drive. Not a happy camper about that, but I should have done more research before buying.
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    Optane and I+

    Install the OS to your HDD, and then install the Optane drivers. Please note that Optane will only work for your boot volume, it won't work for a non-boot volume.
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    Quad Socket Older E5?

    If you want to use four CPUs on that motherboard, they need to be of the E5-4600 series. The board will take two of the E5-2600 series, but not four. Realistically, if you really want a quad socket system, look at used Dell R910 / R920 setups. They use a lot of power, and are very loud...
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    Just got hooked up last weekend. I'm surprised how well my USG-3P has held up, even under load!
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    Upgrading ESXi 6.0 to 6.5 with I loose NFS storage?

    NFS can be added through the web client on ESXI 6.5 It cannot be added via the local client.
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    RAID Card Advise You should be able to hook an LSI 9260-8i to an HP SAS Expander. Basically, two 8087->8087 cables go from your raid card to the expander, and then you plug the...
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    4U Chassis that can handle dual ATX board with Hyper 212 coolers?

    I've greatly enjoyed both of my Norco 4020's, especially with dual socket 1366 Supermicro motherboards.
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    McAfee Full Disk Encryption?

    This makes me curious. The laptop was from his previous employer, yet he still has custody of the computer? What kind of information does your colleague need to pull off of this computer?
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    HW RAID6 with 12 x 6TB HGST 7K6000 drives

    I'd recommend checking out the ServeTheHome RAID reliability Calculator. RAID Reliability Calculator - Simple MTTDL Model - ServeTheHome That said.... have backups. If the information is mission critical to maintain, either run a second server (on or off-site) and backup every evening/week, or...
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    Raidz2 (raid6) vs mirrors: What raid config do you use?

    In your situation, I would go for the Raidz2 setup. You have minimal I/O workload, it isn't like you're hosting virtual machines on this array. If you had real performance requirements (or in a production environment), I'd advocate mirrors all day long. It takes a LOT less time to rebuild a...
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    South Korea Invests $450M To Make Awesome Robots

    Between my dreams of powered armor and combat mecha, this seems to be a good step in the right direction.
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    Dell Quad M.2 PCIe card.

    Meta2, I'm not seeing anything on the ASUS website about it having a PLX chip or any bifurcation support. I've run into the same problem, having a motherboard that doesn't support bifurcation. Next time I rebuild my rig, that's high up on my list xD
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    New to Dual CPU Setups

    The 2011-V3 Supermicro boards support up to 22 cores per socket. No need to worry about twin 12-core chips. That said, I don't have any experience with the V3 boards, just the older 2011 boards. E-ATX is the form factor that you're most likely looking at. What is your budget for the board?
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    Yahoo Confirms Massive Data Breach 500M Users Affected

    Back in 2008, Sarah Palin's email address ( was compromised due to her security questions. Now, just why she was running her Government correspondence through a private email address is beyond me. Not exactly all that relevant to Yahoo's data breach, but interesting...