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    CAT7 patchpanel

    Client specifies they want CAT7. I tried talking them out of it. They still want it. I deliver what they want :)
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    Ubiquiti equipment

    I use Ubiquiti exclusively for all installs except projects with lots of servers. It's a good system. Currently running on more than 10 locations. With 2 locations that have camera protection on top. Easy to install, cheap and works flawlessly. Getting the UDM-pro to test as soon as it comes out.
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    CAT7 patchpanel

    I'm looking for CAT7 patchpanels for mounting in a serverrack. I cannot for the life of me find any legit CAT7 patchpanels that are reasonably priced. Please help me find one. I'll use it in a factory with attached offices that would like to have CAT7 everything.
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    Tablet for production environment w/Great camera

    Thank you everyone for your replies. You are of tremendous help in this issue. We're already acquainted to the Surface lineup with the Pro's, Book and Studio, that's why I was considering the Go. The price is indeed out of our comfort zone, but as we need 100 pieces, I hear that Microsoft is...
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    Tablet for production environment w/Great camera

    Apple isn't getting our money. :) srs though. And it's more expensive than 350 for cellular version. What about Surface GO?
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    Tablet for production environment w/Great camera

    So for a new project I'm looking to get a bunch of tablets with a good camera. It will be used for production management and quality control. Display is not important, minimum 720p HD with useable brightness. Camera is very important, pictures need to be taken and uploaded. Speed is not...
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    New Dell Servers drive config

    File storage, no database. I have different servers for that. I wanted to go for the WD golds, but lot's of features won't work without Dell drives. And like this I also have full warranty on the PERC, drives and server. Otherwise they will instantly say: It's because the drives are not Dell.
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    New Dell Servers drive config

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Storage servers 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? No budget, but needs to make sense 3) Which country do you live in? If the U.S, please tell us the state and city if possible. EU 4) What exact...
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    S4 Mini - An ULTRA-SFF Chassis shipping this December!

    Will this GPU work? EVGA GeForce GTX 750 Ti Superclocked 2Gb Why don't you take a loan for the new batches? If you have the orders, it's easy to get approval and currently loans are cheap. You'll lose a lot...
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    Best Video Card for my system under $150?

    You don't need DP for those. DVI is also possible. Those monitors are pretty shitty though for such a beast workstation. They are not 10-bit, so you should indeed go for a cheaper GPU. I have GTX750Ti's in all the workstation system that don't use 10-bit monitors. I don't know why you would game...
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    Best Video Card for my system under $150?

    What displays are you using? Do you use the GPU for video editing or for CUDA acceleration? If so what version of Adobe programs are you running?
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    4K - $4K Gaming build

    I'd change: SLI 1080 instead of Titan X Add a large SSD to the 950 PRO SSD (awesome SSD, also got a pair of those :cool:) 750W is enough, you might want to look at what quality 750W is on sale right now. Cheaper mobo! Go with air cooling, I have systems with AIO's and my personal is a custom...
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    Any video editing workstation build thoughts?

    Wrong section: Post this here: General Hardware And read this first!!! Asking for Build Help?: ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS FIRST
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    I have a Dell 3007. What next?

    The 30" Dell is still an awesome monitor. If you feel the urge to upgrade, I'd look at the 32" 4K options or an Ultrawide with G-sync/Freesync depending on our GPU. (what GPU do you have?) I wouldn't go to anything smaller than 30", it's hard to lose so much physical realestate. In you situation...
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    compensation from nvidia

    Couldn't you just use 2-way SLI and use the 3rd card for PhysX? I know it's not 3-way and Nvidia fucked you guys over with the big middle finger and they should buy back your extra cards at Retail price.