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    Gtx 690 and LoL

    I can confirm that a gtx 690 can max LoL. The world can sleep a little better tonight.
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    Gtx 690 and LoL

    hey just wanted to say thanks as that solution fixed my problem.
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    Gtx 690 and LoL

    ok thank you, I'll report back when I can see if that worked.
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    Gtx 690 and LoL

    ok ill try that. didn't know that was an option. obviously on LoL it going to be fine, but in other games what effect will that have? as in what does it do?
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    Gtx 690 and LoL

    Hey [H], I am the happy new owner of a gtx 690 and even @ 1600p the thing just rocks. Now I just have one problem; In League of Legends I get frame rate drops down into the 20's. I'm trying to figure out how to fix this. I tried making a profile for the game in the control panel that disables...
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    gtx 690 for 25x16

    really, I knew about crisis, but was hoping in other games it would be ok. I get the card tomorrow, Ill post back if I run into any major vram limits, hopefully at 2x AA I don't run into any.
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    gtx 690 for 25x16

    Hello [H], I just was able to grab a deal for a gtx 690 and was wondering if anyone that has a similar setup could comment on it. I'm coming from a single 7970 and on most game I usually just leave aa at 2x (unless a source game), I'm wondering if the 2Gb of ram is enough? I also am slightly...
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    wireless mouse (gaming?)

    so it seems the g700 is the way to go. $60 on amazon isn't bad. thanks again. I would prefer it to be wireless all the time only going to be using it when I'm brining the computer to a friends house. Also, are there any good Bluetooth mouses?
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    wireless mouse (gaming?)

    Hey [H], Im looking for a mouse to be used by my lan pc. I really want it to be wireless so when I have to trans port it all I have is 3 cables (power pc, power monitor and monitor cable) so I have a wireless keyboard, but now I need a mouse. Right now on my main computer I use a razer...
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    Games run with a black border

    you have to change the settings on the tv. there is a setting called dot by dot. this fixed the problem for me. try other inputs and setting combinations.
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    Asus GTX 760 Mini in the works

    I really want to know whats the smallest case that can fit it.
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    GTX 295 and Hitman Absolution

    Op, what setting are you trying to run it at? because it is a very demanding game.
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    Cooler Master V850 vs. Corsair HX850

    This. I think both get their parts from seasonic.
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    Thinking of going 3x monitors...

    I was ini the same situation about 2 months ago, I had broken my 30" (doh!!) and was deciding on 3 x1080p or to get another 30". I got another 30" and im still loving it, the vertical space is unparalleled and most game support 2560x1600, even old ones. I got doom and DN3d to emulate at my res...
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    Asus 7950 DC II (Literally) Caught Fire

    So, uh what ended up happening? Did Asus allow him to RMA? I read up when this was only 5 pages long. I really hope they do, as I too have only had good experiences with there stuff.