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    All-In-One: XenServer 6.2 vs. ESXi 5.5

    I haven't used Xen before but some of the guys I work with have used it for running some minor vm's for personal use. From my experience ESXi would work just fine for an AIO setup. Depending on the hardware its run on you shouldn't see much delay in network file transfers between vm's as its...
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    Can this be done? (noob questions)

    My current setups at home for ESXi 5.5 are: Tyan S5512GM4NR Xeon E3-1230v2 32 GB DDR3 UDIMM ECC memory 2 Corsair Force 3 GS's for vm storage WD RE4's for ISO and backup storage Dual port Intel ET2 PCI-e network card for passthrough 1. The virtualized router should work perfectly fine with a...
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    Need advice for ESXi 5.5 nas builds

    If you can pick up the IBM M1015 that would work perfectly fine once its flashed properly. I myself have purchased an Intel RS2WC040 and a 3ware 9650SE-2LP for passthrough to various vm's. Both have worked fine for me though ESXi itself has never wanted to use either PCI-e card for data stores...
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    Windows 2012 R2 on ESXi

    I'm currently running ESXi 5.5 and have no issues with running Server 2012 or 8.1. I had 8 running fine in 5.1 before I upgraded but not Server 2012. From my understanding I thought VMware Workstation VM's could be copied to ESXi without any need to convert the VM's. Shouldn't that be the...
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    MB & CPU suggestion for virtual server

    I've been recently considering upgrading from my 2 Tyan S5512 server towers, to a single dual proc rack mount chassis for my half-cab. Currently looking at: Tyan S7045GM4NR Intel E5-2420 or 2430 procs 48-64 GB UDIMM memory to start with Any additional hard drives or solid state drives you want...
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    ESXi 5.1 Compatible SATA controller

    You could try the dual port 3Ware 9650SE-2LP. I ran that successfully in RAID 1 and RAID 0 on various WD black's and RE4's. Shouldn't be too much if all you need are an additional 2 drives.
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    Update Home Lab?

    I currently run a pair of Tyan S5512 single proc towers. Both systems run fine with ESXi 5.5 and Server 2012 DC just fine. My only gripe with the systems is the low memory spec on each. Like Vader says, unless you need more memory it might be better to just run with the current setup. I'd...
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    Force BIOS to boot from onboard controller NOT raid card

    Hey everyone, I got a bit of an issue. Recently added a couple of SSD's to my home rig for some added speed and space. I'm currently rocking an ASUS Crosshair 5 Formula motherboard with 6 Corsair Force 3 GT's in a RAID 0 config on the onboard AMD RAID chipset. Because of this setup I had to...
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    Intel RS2WC040 in Gaming Desktop

    Ok sweet! Can't wait to get the RAID up and running. I'll make a post later on in regards to performance. At least now I won't have to use the AMD software to synchronize the mirrors.
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    Intel RS2WC040 in Gaming Desktop

    Yeah but I'm not using the card for my SSD's. I have a pair of 1 TB hard drives that I will be attaching to it in RAID 1. I'm just wondering what the performance might be without the SGPIO cable not connected to anything.
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    Intel RS2WC040 in Gaming Desktop

    The other question I have is am I missing out on something if my board does not support the SGPIO cable?
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    Intel RS2WC040 in Gaming Desktop

    I thought my card ran an LSI 2008 processor?
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    Intel RS2WC040 in Gaming Desktop

    Yeah I tried the card in my Server 2012 system and at boot it added almost a minute to boot when loading the firmware. Not sure what I should set the card to to get it to boot faster but it sure beats software RAID 1.
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    Intel RS2WC040 in Gaming Desktop

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to get any ideas on having the Intel RS2WC040 RAID in my gaming rig. I recently maxed out the SATA3 ports on my ASUS Crosshair V Formula board with 6 Corsair Force GT's, and wanted to get any suggestions on using this card in my rig for a pair of 1TB RAID 1's. I...
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    Issues setting up Remote Computer Management for Server 2012

    Thanks for the info I will have to try that when I get a chance. I was attempting to connect to the physical Hyper-V Server 2012 host through the domain controller that is virtualized on ESXi 5.1. It was tied to the same local domain through that controller and it was on there that I was...