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    Cataloging Archived HDDs

    I find this product useful
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    Sorcerer King: Rivals

    So the last one wasn't finished but why should that stop releasing a new "version" for the punter to buy eh? Nothing like continually repeating the same game (and since FE making it worse into the bargain) - Elemental / Fallen Enchantress / Legendary Heroes. Maybe this time the AI will do...
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    What switch are you using for your home lab?

    Gnodal gs4008 - 40 x 10 gbe & 8 x 40gbe + two dlinks with two 10gb uplinks for access connectivity. Dlinks have limited layer 3 but I don't use it.
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    Brocade EMC MP-8000B

    Isnt the trouble with brocade that it will only work with brocade cables (perhaps nic's as well). Not conclusive, just an initial view when I was looking to buy something similar.
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    Seagate 8TB Internal HDD

    Most of my recent media data is in a snapraid / stablebit pooling combo - 6 drives + 2 for parity. I'm debating whether to get 8 to replicate this setup going forward or a frankstein 6 x 8TB shingle drive + 4 x 4 TB "normal" drive in 2 x RAID-0's for the parity drives. Or just stick with the...
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    Seagate 8TB Internal HDD

    Not sure, this PDF for the 5Tb drive states 36MiB at the outer cylinder. This thread suggests 36MB on outer cylinders for the 5TB drive...
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    Seagate 8TB Internal HDD

    Is this true? From what I've read it will re-write the band, not the platter or whole drive. Unless the 8TB drive is different... See
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    FlexRAID shortcomings. NAS? Other Software?

    I use SnapRaid + Stablebit Drivepool. Currently pooling 36 disks in two pools - obviously excluding the parity disks snapraid uses for circa 140TB usable space. Touch wood no serious issues - did have a problem with the NTFS permissions being inconsistent at some stage. I've only done a...
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    Your first OS

    First OS' was probably CICS for me - not sure if this an OS - was all mainframe stuff. But could have been sinclair basic on z80... way back First x86 - DOS 3.3 (I think) with Word Perfect 5.5. Still the business from a simple word processor pov. Best OS - NT4.0 -though those NEXT boxes sure...
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    GPO with focus on security?

    Long time since I have looked at his but doesn't the baselines in SCM give you a start? These are obviously tailored at the enterprise, not home.
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    flexraid and streaming

    I agree with this comment. Is it slow with one user streaming? I don't understand the first statement in terms of how long it takes apple tv to "find" the media. What is the network bandwidth to the apple TV's?
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    Disk Catalog Software / Backup Software

    Hi Does anyone use any disk catalog or backup software that accurately reports if online storage is backed up somewhere else - either on other online arrays or on offline media - external disk drives being the major one but tape drives would be a bonus? I have a reasonable large primary...
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    Stablebit Drivepool downsides?

    Thanks Slug - according to this link Areca's still aren't supported. I might still give it a go but more than likely going to uninstall the scanner for now.
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    Stablebit Drivepool downsides?

    I don't use the redundancy part of Drivepool (I use SnapRAID) but the pooling has worked fine for me - Windows 2012R2 - 24 4TB drives in pool. The latest version has some great functionality around directing incoming files to certain disks. I have had one issue - I had custom NTFS...
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    What's the craziest thing you're virtualizing?

    I setup a virtualised Windows 98 OS to see if a problem I was having with Heroes of Might and Magic 3 was down to my Windows 7 config or the save game.