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    Help with partitioning scheme for new build

    I'm putting together a new desktop and will be trying to make a full time switch to linux. My hardware is on the way and I'm looking for some insight as to a partitioning scheme. I'm getting my feet wet and will probably rebuild the OS structure next year - maybe to ubuntu 14.04 hopefully to...
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    Bungie: 'Nobody Plays Shooters With A Mouse And Keyboard'

    I can see controller work well for skyrim. Skyrim wasn't about action and is what I expect out of a good console port. Good Story - good game-play - the combat/action felt soft and sluggish. The importance of comfort with console FPS is interesting (and likely true). So if halo features...
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    New ubuntu build -

    thanks for the input - best thing I found : I ran across come benchmarks yesterday that showed much more consistency for NVIDIA proprietary drivers. Wasn't even close. So in spite of my experiences with my last couple nvidia cards I'll be going with that. As for the CPU I'm looking at...
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    New ubuntu build -

    I'm putting together a new desktop system and I'm going to try to make the switch to linux for my day to day machine. I'll start with ubuntu as it would appear to the the most 'stupid user' ready. I'm wondering if there would be any real linux reason to go with a certain kind of hardware...
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    Google Launching A Tablet Too?

    Other rumors say kindle will be bringing the kindle fire 2 to the party at about the same time. Will be interesting to see what they've been able to improve on in the last year and how the two devices compare.
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    Common Sense Prevailing In Norway Mass-Shooting Case?

    This is absolutely feasible! While he was at the summer camp did he do any fishing? Cooking? Resource gathering?
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    Senate Panel OKs Controversial Antipiracy Bill

    so more .cn names? lovely
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    Comparison- coldfusion and .net

    The dev we have now is saying coldfusion. But he's heavy on coldfusion background and won't be sticking around after the project. So while his opinion carry's weight, it mostly seems to be based on what he prefers to work in, rather than the best product for this solution. Thanks to all...
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    Comparison- coldfusion and .net

    yep typo .. MSSQL
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    Comparison- coldfusion and .net

    We're looking to do some web development and are trying to decide which language to use. Coldfusion and .net are being discussed. This will be for a front end that will interact with an MSQL database. We're hearing conflicting rumors that one or the other is on the way out. Or that one...
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    Bon Jovi: Steve Jobs 'Killed' The Music Business

    Having grown up in the 80's and being forced to listen to the 'industry approved' artists I say THANKS for killing the Music Business. If Jobs is responsible for killing the business, I'll blame bon jovi for killing MUSIC. Along with - Air Supply, Chicago, Michal Jackson, The Boss, New Kids...
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    My First Custom Rig (56k warning)

    well done - nice job There's only one issue - your specs are too good for a 1st time build - you'll get the itch again in 6 months.
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    Desktop Linux: The Dream Is Dead

    I purchased a netbook running linux and I'll do it again .. if they haven't buried it by then.
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    The Government Can Use GPS to Track Your Moves

    the same should apply to clothing - they aren't searching you, just your clothes. If you take your clothes in public there is no expectation of privacy.
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    I have too many programs installed on my HDD. Which ones should I uninstall?

    QFT - There only acceptable answer here - is don't uninstall shit. Slap on another drive and keep going. You still need 7 Zip. Open Office, True Crypt, Password Safe, Virtual box, Filezilla/Winscp, defraggler, and putty -it's really not a computer unless you've got putty. ~~correction you...