Help with partitioning scheme for new build

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    Jan 24, 2006
    I'm putting together a new desktop and will be trying to make a full time switch to linux. My hardware is on the way and I'm looking for some insight as to a partitioning scheme. I'm getting my feet wet and will probably rebuild the OS structure next year - maybe to ubuntu 14.04 hopefully to SteamOS. :cool:
    system use: Gaming - video/photo editing - browsing - gaming - gaming

    Primary OS - ubuntu 12.04
    Alt OS - STEAMOS & other debian flavors - mintOS - (no windows!)
    RAM - 16GB
    • SSD 128GB
    • WD black - 1TB
    • WD Green - 3TB
    I'm looking at 3 types of partitions
    • OS partitions
    • Dedicated primary OS partitions (used ONLY by ubuntu 12.04)
    • Shared partitions that can be used by all the (debian) OS
    OS partitions
    • ubuntu 12.04 25GB on SSD
    • ubuntu studio 30GB on SSD
    • steamos 25GB on SSD
    • mythbuntu/mint 15GB on SSD
    Shared partitions
    • swap 16GB on HDD black drive (for hibernate)
    • /boot 1GB on SSD
    • /tmp 10GB on HDD green drive 8
    • /export 400GB on HDD green
    • /media 1024GB on HDD green
    Primary OS(12.04) dedicated paritions
    • /usr 10GB on SSD
    • /opt 5GB on SSH
    • /var 15GB on green HDD
    • /home 400GB on green HDD
    • /home/beans/steam 1000GB on HDD black
    • /home/beans/.wine 30GB on HDD black

    With 16 GB ram I'm thinking I won't use swap much and putting it on the faster HDD will allow for fewer writes to SSD and still let me use hibernate.
    The same applies for /var on the slower SSD. There's plenty of RAM for log messages until it's got time to write to the HDD.

    Any help/suggestions is appreciated.