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    64GB RAM in 4.2L machine

    hmm $3300-$5300 PC in a case that doesn't even have front USB3 ports??? fail.. :( where the hell can you find USB2 devices? in the museum?
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    Raijintek Metis ITX [Build Log]

    I wouldn't recommend Metis anyone(unless you plan to mod the case) because thermal on this case is terrible. GPU will get hot(and loud) very easily due to lack of air intake, and the fact that GPU is mounted at the top of the case makes it even worse since hot air will just rise to the top. I...
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    Ways to improve the on-board GPU performace?

    Hi, got i7 5775C yesterday I was wondering if there are any ways to improve the performance on Iris Pro 6200. I've increased "dedicated video memory" size in the BIOS and also changed the "power" settings in Graphics control panel to maximum performance after doing some google research. However...
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    8.5lt High-End Gaming Machine = Easy?

    Hope you are right, and hope Q21 case is gonna be available soon. Anyway, changed the mobo to Gigabyte GA-Z170N-WIFI for M.2 SSD support. (its also ~$100 cheaper than EVGA Stinger ITX mobo)
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    i7 4790 vs i7 6700 performance difference

    Roughly how much performance increase do you get from i7 6700 setup over i7 4790 setup? 10-20% or more? i.e. i7 4790(4GHz), Z97 mobo, 16GB DDR3 2400 vs i7 6700(4GHz), Z170 mobo, 16GB DDR4 2666 Price different between the two setup isn't much so it would really suck if your purchased new i7...
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    I think we can use more ultra small ITX cases like Antec ISK-110(3.67lt)

    Found a smaller version of Antec ISK-110 case, InWin BQ695. It's got 2x USB3 ports and also come with 150W(or 120W) Internal PSU, not bad.
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    I think we can use more ultra small ITX cases like Antec ISK-110(3.67lt)

    Wow, that motherboard and a small case to go with that would be freaking awesome. I really hope some decent case manufacturers gonna make the case for that mobo. Does anyone know if that 5x5 mobo is socket 1150(DDR3) or 1151(DDR4)? Hopefully it's 1150 so you can use the i7 5775C(with Iris Pro...
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    I think we can use more ultra small ITX cases like Antec ISK-110(3.67lt)

    Because not everyone needs a gaming GPU in ITX system. Intel NUC's performance is still relatively slow(compared to ITX) and NUC runs pretty hot and loud. (especially the i7 NUC thanks to the inadequate heatsink/fan used by Intel...
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    8.5lt High-End Gaming Machine = Easy?

    Cool thanks, I will once I get the Q21 case and GPU, unfortunately they are not available yet. PC-Q21 case can support upto 6.5" GPU so GTX970/960 Mini will fit fine(R9 Nano is only 6") and case can support 120mm fan at the bottom. I just hope...
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    What CPU cooler would you use for a mini-ITX + Skylake?

    Depends on the CPU TDP and ITX case type. I think Noctua NH-L9i would be perfect for Lian Li PC-Q21 case with 65W i5 6600 or i7 6700. But Noctua NH-D9L would be ideal for Raijintek Metis case with 91W i5 6600K or i7 6700K.
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    6700K in stock (US)

    What is the rough overall performance different between 4790K system and 6700K system? 10-20% or more? i.e. 4790K, Z97 mobo, 16GB DDR3 2400 vs 6700K, Z170 mobo, 16GB DDR4 2400 cos it sucks if you bought 4790K system in past 2-3 weeks considering the price on 4790K setup and 6700K setup is very...
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    8.5lt High-End Gaming Machine = Easy?

    heh I've changed DDR3 RAM to DDR4 already. :) Sure you can use different Z170 ITX mobo later, but as you already know there aren't that many Z170 ITX mobo available atm and Stinger can support M.2.
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    8.5lt High-End Gaming Machine = Easy?

    I think Nano should perform well cos it's virtually identical to R9 Fury X on the paper, and priced at US$650. Q21 doesn't have any default intake fan, so it would be best to use the bottom HDD slot for 120mm fan instead if you are planning to use any gaming GPU. Q21 can still take another SSD...
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    8.5lt High-End Gaming Machine = Easy?

    Should be easy now with Lian Li PC-Q21 and AMD Radeon R9 Nano! :cool: What do you think? e.g. I made two diff specs using the latest Socket 1151 Spec 1 = bang for buck, still high 3D performance Spec 2 = $ is no issue Spec 1 CPU: Intel i5 6600 (65W) HSF: Noctua NH-L9i M/B: Gigabyte...
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    best single slot GPU?? (also short)

    Thanks for the replies. No gaming is not a high priority, but I still wouldn't mind putting the best single slot GPU for the case if possible, or maybe even a dual slot card with aftermarket cooler etc. But maybe I should start looking for a single slot 750Ti or 670. 5775C isn't a bad idea but...