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  • But finally I saw that, compared to a beautiful IPS panel, it looks terribly bad and has purple artifacts. Now I'm even thinking to abandon the gaming monitors even when I want to build a gaming pc (probly with ryzen 5 1600 + amd vega 56: initial objective: cheaper freesync monitors, same quality), and go for a simple and good IPS monitor, like, for example, the Aoc Q2781PQ QHD or the PDS271 FHD. Hugs and apologies!
    So, sorry for the missunderstanding and that stuff, you probably meant that I had to choose between 2 bad things 4 me. Although, being ignored is not that bad compared to eating cow excretations (milk/cheese)! Btw how is the summer vacation going? I'm still with my AOC 21" lol. I thought about all of your suggestions, and I was about to buy the C27FG73 (the c27fg70 has a worse stand that eats a lot of the desk space)
    Sorry that I didn't understand the "pick up your poison" words/phrase game. English is not my native language and when I saw that you asked me to choose between cheese and being ignored, I directly understood it as a senseless attack to my vegan "living phylosophy" or "morality", which is usually attacked by the people and because of this i'm pretty sensitive about that.
    personallly i gave up on 4p G34:
    -mobo is gigantic and requires modding a gigantic case to install.
    - only way to install waterblocks is by modding
    - 4p is too much for air coolers in vertical position: your gigantic case will rest on the horizontal after all the modding.

    i went with 2p 1366 Xeons. thats total 12c/24Ht , compatible with all air and water coolers, fits cases without modding. but the only way to OC is using EVGA SR-2 mobo.

    your usage scenario is biased towards G34 4p builds, but beware the challenges of modding and cooling such beasts. i would stay with 61** production chips, among other things because they do not use the crap bulldozer architecture so any code you test under 61** will behave normally, unlike bulldozer where multi thread scaling brokes pretty soon after the 32th core is added

    cheaping out on 6168s now means that you will have an upgrade path to 63** when Abu Dhabi chips become cheaper

    After reading above you will realize:
    only selected Supermicro 4p mobos can be overclocked
    they only overclock 61** cpus.

    but ES 62** chips have unlocked multis and can be setup on any G34 mobo. means you can have 32 cores with a smaller 2p mobo.

    if you don't mind performance, ES 62** cpus are the way to go. You need matched pair/quads to install windows, but on linux cpus with diverse part numbers run OK. it is pretty hard to find 4 ES identical chips, so most windows builds will be 2p.
    Hey geok1ng, a little less than than 2 weeks ago you posted in my thread about server cpus and needing a rig that can use about 40 threads give or take. I was looking into some ES/confidential chips that you mentioned that there are some pretty good deals out there.

    Do you have any experience with them that you can share with me? Do they generally load up and perform okay as their production counter parts? I don't need specific mobos do I? The suggested socket is fine?

    Also if you had a budget for cpus for $650 and was willing to use ES chips which would you get if you needed about 1 core, 2 threads per virtual machine on one rig and hoping to achieve 15-20 virtual machines off that one rig?
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