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    Once upon a time, there was a little computer called X-Qpack...

    not to derail the thread but how do you make that much $$ at 16 lol
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    [H]ard Sff Club

    i saw in another thread a link to but i didn't see that link anywhere in the stickied posts here... is that the website for the SFF club? or is that something else.. lol
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    chameleoneel's entrance into SFF

    What are you thinking in terms of mods?
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    Customizable QPacks

    Well this is my wish list so far... I have yet to add any customizable things, but I'm going to check out the sites you guys mentioned. Running at $864 so far.... ASPIRE X-QPACK-BK/420 Black Aluminum 1.0 w/ ABS plastic front panel MicroATX Desktop Computer Case ATX 420W power supply Power...
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    shortest dvd burner?

    I saw earlier where someone posted a link to a vertical power adapter, which didn't stick out nearly as much as a standard cable from a power supply. However I can't find the post now, and I didn't bookmark the product either. Are the vertical connectors mentioned above the same thing I am...
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    Customizable QPacks

    i'm going to purchase and install the parts myself, but i see that people have lights and what not in their cases. so i am wondering if that is all purchased separately or if it's part of the case-bundle when you purchase it. seems as though people buy their cases from someone like newegg...
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    Customizable QPacks

    I saw that link but that's a water cooled case that I'm not sure my budget can afford - I don't know too much about water cooling anyways. The only thing I am really looking for is lights / lighted fans / cables that fit with the QPacks, but are those something you can buy on newegg (or...
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    Customizable QPacks

    Hey all, New to the SFF world (somewhat) and am looking to build a new SFF. I really like the design of the QPack cases, and am interested in getting one of those. Now I know newegg and other places carry the cases, but are there any places where THEY customize the case? I just figure it...
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    Just ordered the guts for my X-Qpack! Thanks Newegg!

    If you are looking for a new headset I recommend the Sennheiser PC150.
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    [H]OT - Maxim Magazine 2 yr subscrip. for $2.00!

    Just got my February 2006 and March 2006 magazines!! w00t!~
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    24 Season Four DVDs $35 shipped

    definitely a hot deal... paid 70 for this before Christmas
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    free from BJ's

    are you all 15? now back to the topic... where does it say you get free ice cream?
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    free from BJ's

    i don't see where there is a free pint of ice cream?
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    PNY 1GB Flash Drive $35.97 AR - NewEgg NewEgg has a PNY 1gb Flash Drive for $55.97 with a $20 MIR Shipping charges still apply
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    Wired Magazine 12 month subscription -- $1.99 coupon code: DCMPS10D this deal gives you 10 dollars off the subscription price so you can get 12 issues of Wired Magazine for $1.99 (regular price is $11.99) NO LONGER WORKS, SORRY FOLKS