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  • I have few questions regarding the DDR2-667 sticks you have for sale.

    Do you currently have 4x2GB matching sticks of DDR2-667 available?

    Have the sticks all been tested?

    What is the final price if I buy 4 sticks from you?

    For the record, you can see my Heat account here: http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=77766


    Brandon S.
    Hello again!
    So, about your questions:
    1. What item are you interested in?
    - Its not a expensive thing, its a keyboard g15/g110/g11 (one of them)
    2. Where do you live?
    -Brazil - Rio/RJ
    3. Any feedback references?
    I bought a motherboard and memos here, from 2 diferent users.
    I bought (yesterday) a sound card at ebay using pay pal. Until now everything
    is ok.

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