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    The State of DirectX 12 Games in 2017: Is DX12 Losing Its Steam?

    Well how much time was it before DX11 game really started to take advantage of the API?
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    FCC Chairman Ajit Pai “Jokes” about Being a Verizon Shill

    this has more Democrats written over it than trump, plus it comes form obamas time too!
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    Thermalright True Spirit 120M CPU Air Cooler Review

    any experience with this cooler and a ryzen 1600?
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    AM4 Motherboard Suggestions

    Most B350 boards will get you 3.9 Ghz on air!
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    AM4 Ryzen Motherboard & RAM - What Should I Buy?

    4 phases is more than enough to power a 6 core on 4.0 ghz oc!!!!
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    Please Vote on a AM4 X370 Motherboard

    Dude just make an online poll!
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    Do I need to Jump to a x370? MSI B350 Tomahawk manual, page 18. You can have your GTX 1070 and your M2 NVME SSD at full bandwith no problem!
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    GPU Demand Increases in Fourth Quarter

    So sales of individual PC parts are doing fine, but overall "PC" sales declining. Does that mean that more people opt to build their own PC from scratch?
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    First AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Benchmarks Are Here

    What about the rumors about problems with the integrated usb 3.1 controller?
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    AMD confirms Ryzen and Vega launch timetables.

    Hey man as long as prices drop for us people on a budget, I'm ok with all you mentioned!
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    3.0 gpu in 2.0 GA-MA790GP-UD4H motherboard.

    Honestly dude PCI-E 2.0 X 16's bandwidth is so big that modern graphics cards barely fill it, so as long as your cpu, ran and ssd is not bottlenecking you'll be fine!
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    Vega says "Hello World"

    I'm just waiting for the vega release so that they drop the 1070 prices to sub $400 levels!
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    AMD Zen Performance Preview

    As long as Zen scales well in games, for a good price, I'm in!
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    IBM Replacing PCs With Macs Within The Company

    Maybe the contract apple and IBM penned included free maintenance and free replacements!