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    Sony Battery To Offer 40% Longer Phone Life

    Sounds like it'll be dead on arrival. By the time this comes out, cellphones will be as powerful as most modern laptop. It'll be drain the new battery at a similar pace as the current one.
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    Google’s Project Fi: “I’d Switch To It If I Could”

    Been using this same plan for a few years now and loving it. I just use hangouts dialer if I need to make a call. Recently joined Ringplus as my second line when I saw the holiday deal they where offering. It's a unlimited Ringplus to Ringplus voice and text, 1400 minutes of voice, 1400 text...
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    Black Friday Booty! What Did You Get?

    Just a Nexus 6 for $124 after appliying my Chase rewards points and a $10 Amazon gift card. Was listed for $199 on Amazon as a lightning deal. 6 boxes of Ferrero Rocher 24 pack for $4.50 each.
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    More Than Half Of Americans Now Watch Netflix

    To summarize: Half of the US population likes watching B rated movies.:p
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    Warm: Acronis True Image 2016 3 Computers - $47.99 (Upgrade for $35.99)

    Fry's instore have the 2016 version for 3 pc for $10 after rebate for today only. Must use the daily coupon code to get it at that price.
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    VR Godzilla Simulator

    All I want is a real life version of the George Costanza Frogger scene.:p
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    Conficker Worm Discovered In Police Body Cameras

    Are they required to wear it all the time or only when they're about to respond to a call? If it's the former then I can just imagine the amount of lawsuit that'll come out when toilet break vds start showing up.
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    VR Godzilla Simulator

    Frogger needs a VR treatment. Just think of all the youtube vids that'll come out of it.
  9. F Has A Bunker Full Of Gold, Silver, And Food In Case Of Financial Collap

    Did they by chance left a giant X on where they burried their stash?:D
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    Ratpadz - shipping is still FREE!

    It's been a week since I sent their customer service a message regarding the 7 extra feet I needed for my xt with no reply. I wouldn't have mind if they couldn't send the feet but at least let me know about it and I would have then just order a new one. Guess their service really went down hill...
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    Inventor Of USB Didn’t Make A Dime Off Of It

    A 100x this. I just ordered a USB 3.0 A to B off of monoprice over the weekend, then 2 hours later found one in the garage... Called as soon as their customer service opened up earlier today to cancel and was told that it can't be cancelled anymore due to it being boxed already.:mad:
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    Lasers Could Rapidly Make Materials Hotter Than The Sun

    Where about to see a new Bond villain in the making.
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    Post your Mouse and Keyboard pics