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    good mid tower case options that still rock optical drive slot in 2019?

    I just bought a Corsair 750D air so I could have some optical drive bays. got a zillion cd's dvds to rip yet. plus tons of software going back to the 90s that need an optical drive. also used one of the bays for a memory card reader usb3.2 thingy.
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    OEM Wraith Cooler - OEM Thermal Tape/paste seeped onto CPU pins

    yeah that happened to me with the cooler on my wifes 3800X. pulled the wraith to install an H115I and had some seepage on the socket. an acid brush and a little deoxit cleaned it right up. no issues at all.
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    Post the Crown Jewel of your collection

    so you are saying that the pages wont open..
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    What was your least favorite graphics card?

    my first 486 I built had a Trident 8900 isa card with 512K on it. true POS but all I could afford at the time. the Trident 9400 VLB i stuck on my next build was better but still crappy. was not happy until I got my first ATI All in wonder card.
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    Hottest Boards These Days?

    . loving my Master. but to be fair its only been running a couple weeks now.
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    What ya using your 1x slots for?

    Modem. gotta fax shit yo....and my call blocking software uses it too.
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    Eight of Amazon’s Top 10 Best Selling Processors Are AMD CPUs

    sweet. my house has both ends of the top 10 covered. I got the 1 and the wife has the 10 ..both are damn good.
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    Who's Happy So Far with Ryzen 3000 Series?

    upgraded from FX8350 to a Ryzen 3950X this with the 570 MB and PCIE 4.0 NVME Drive. the new system is a bit more sporty than the old one.
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    Eight of Amazon’s Top 10 Best Selling Processors Are AMD CPUs

    can understand that. just bought a 3950X and a 3800X for mine and the wifes new builds.
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    Ryzen 3950X, 3960X, 3970X Availability

    yeah I just ordered mine from BB, should have it on monday
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    just ordered amd - back after almost 2decades

    Nice! . the last Intel CPU I had in a system of mine was a 486/25 SX went from that to the K5 then K6 then the K6-2 K6-III then into the the 64bit chips all I have are shown here . 2 still in use. my current system is theFX8350 and wifes is the Phenom. new systems with 3950X for me and a 3800X...
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    Ryzen 3950X, 3960X, 3970X Availability

    well hell. been trying to get a 3950x close to retail for a few weeks now. I can wait but do wish I could backorder one someplace. in the meantime I will use the 3800X I bought to upgrade my wife's system and hold off doing hers until I can get a 3950 . had an Auros Master,Corsair...
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    Seasonic PRIME Ultra 750W Power Supply Review @ [H]

    well my TX750 Corsair unit from eons ago has finally crapped the bed. read this review and no brainer. 1 click order
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    Asus 7950 DC II (Literally) Caught Fire

    I see no reason to ever order another ASUS product. I have built thousands of pc's since 1993 and had my share of RMA issues but if everything the OP is stating checks out then I am done with them regardless of the outcome of this situation.
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    Amazon killer deal on Logitech G series mice

    got 3 g400s for 21.75 ea . edit Link has the HardOCP Amazon Referral in it.