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    27" imac + win7

    hey i havent picked up my copy of win7 yet, can someone tell me if i need a retail copy? or will an OEM work with the imac? huge price difference....
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    27" imac + win7

    appreciate the quick reply.. I have already tried the displayport -> DL-DVI to my dell in osx, works no issues. But you are saying it may be an issue with winxp, or win7? Well i guess ill find out today, wanted to know the answers before i bought a copy of win7. Thanks.
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    27" imac + win7

    Hi there, i know its officially supported now, but a couple quick questions: 1) Is there any performace loss when running Win7 on a mac? If i had a PC with an i7 860, 8gb of ram, and a 4850 vid card running win7, would i obtain similar performance to the exact same spec'd imac running...
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    itx build...thoughts?

    Okay i had previously posted a SG03 build....but these itx systems have me intrigued. - SG06 w/ SFX 300watt PSU. - DFI P55 T36 itx mobo - i7 860 w/ 3 HeatPipe Big Shuriken - 2x2gb Gskill Eco 1.35V DDR3-1600 - 80gb Intel SSD - Sony Slim DVDRW - Powercolor ATI 5770 (PPG version)...
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    Help with new quiet SFF build

    Thinking of the following: CPU: AMD X4 940 AM2 Mobo: Asus M4A78-EM matx Ram: 2x2GB GB DDR2-800 patriot value ram [already have] HD: Intel 80GB SSD w/ trim support Optical: LG BluRay [already have] Questions… Case? Looking at the SG03 and SG04… seems to be about a 35 dollar...
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    cannot create threads on SFF forum

    Why? ive been a member for 3 years, i would imagine in good standing. Any reason for this... other forums seem to work....
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    best single slot card?

    is a 9800gt the best single slot card out there these days? or is there anything new due out soon that is better? ive seen an ati 4850 or something like that but the fan sticks out, ive got a shuttle xpc so i need something lower profile. thanks for any help.
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    single stud LCD Arm or mount

    i suppose your right, on a standard mount, how far apart do the studs have to be... So ~50 inches of wall space between left door and right pocket door. There is a stud roughly 12-14 inches from the left door, im guessing my pocket door frame would be ~28 - 32 inches in.... which would mean...
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    single stud LCD Arm or mount

    Well there is about 50 inches of wall space between 2 doors. about 12 inches or so from the left door is the stud, a few inches after teh stud a pocket door exists behind the wall... Found this...
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    single stud LCD Arm or mount

    Looking for a single stud mount for a 37-40" TV... also, if its an arm, if the arm is folded against the wall, how far off center from the stud would the center of the LCD be? The reason i ask the 2nd question is because my stud is not center on the wall, infact its about 8-10 inches off...
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    minidisplay port - dual link question

    Hi i have a dell 30" monitor, and just recently got a new gen macbook. Im considering buying this: Just wondering, can you only use this adapter for dual monitor, or can use a wireless KB/Mouse with my laptop and use teh dell as my...
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    Shuttle X27 - Dual Link DVI?

    blah nevermind, looks like the gma 950 doesnt support his res, doh!
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    Shuttle X27 - Dual Link DVI? can anyone tell based on the onboard vidcard chipset if the DVI port on this is a dual link port? ie capable of driving a 2560x1600 display? I sent an email to shuttle a couple days ago, still no reply their service is awful...
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    mac mini + external vid card

    Hi, i have a dell 3007wfp monitor, would like to try out a mac but i know mini wont support this monitor...due to the dual link dvi requirement. Are there any vid card adapters out there, or external products that are compatible with the mini? Not sure i want to shell out the cash for a...
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    Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player + Heroes and more

    sorry to hijack but for you 360 hd-dvd owners out there...i have an issue with mine: I bought transformers, and when i Forward the scene (not jump but, forward 2x - 32x or whatever the range is), sometimes the player freezes and i have to reboot the xbox/hd-dvd drive. What could be the...