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    Those With Monoprice LCD Desk Clamp

    You mean use a rubber washer on that vertical tilt screw? Have you tried that? Does it improve the screw grip?
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    Those With Monoprice LCD Desk Clamp

    I got mine and mounted my 19" LCD on it. For $18 bucks, I can't really complain, but the vertical tilt mechanism isn't the greatest design. If you fiddle with it too much, the display will slip down. I could of used a bit more height too. But for $18 bucks vs. $50+ on other stuff, I'm fine with...
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    Those With Monoprice LCD Desk Clamp

    I ordered one Sunday. I'll post up when it arrives. If not, that is an easy fix.
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    Where do you buy your LCD screens?

    I think I am going to go with the T240HD off Amazon. Amazon seems to have great service when it comes to LCD screens. I read a lot of info on AVS Forums about people getting great service. I have had good luck with them in the past. The only other thing that is slightly appealing is the...
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    Where do you buy your LCD screens?

    I bought 2 LCDs from Newegg 4+ years ago and they were fine, but people are now steering me away from them because of their LCD return policy. Their awesome prices are hard to resist though. I don't know whether to gamble on them (I have always had good luck with them) or order somewhere else...
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    [YourNewCase] SUGO ... 5! GO!

    So according to leifeinar, it is possible to cram a 48xx into this case by cutting a hole in the front frame. I assume too that the front panel goes all the way back on. Correct me if I am wrong.
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    $250 Budget - Which Monitor?

    Ah you are right. That does suck. Their prices are great. Grrrr. How about Amazon? ZZF? Who else? I have always had bad luck with ZZF.
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    $250 Budget - Which Monitor?

    Sorry to kind of highjack the thread, but what if the resolution is more of a priority. I was looking at the T240HD and the Asus Mk241H. It seems like Newegg dropped a bunch of 24" 1920x1200 monitors from its site. No BenQs or anything.
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    What front end app is everyone for reliable 1080p .mkv playback?

    I have been running VMC with MediaBrowser without issues. I love XBMC + Aeon Stark and am trying it out again, but I just never got it running flawlessly before. There would be video issues or library issues. VMC has been effortless.
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    T240HD vs G2400WD NCIXUS Sale Ideas ASAP

    I am looking at 24" monitors. I love Newegg and have gotten 2 flawless LCDs from there, but I still worry. NCIX has really nice prices compared to Newegg on monitors. I am looking at the following monitors. NCIX has their no-dead pixel guarantee on top of their better prices and the T240HD is on...
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    Post Your Workstation 2009!

    EDIT: Nevermind, your post addressed it. Tons, nice Ikea setup. You made a monitor shelf just like mine. What size legs did you end up with for it? I think mine are the 6", but I am thinking of dropping down to the short ones.
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    Wired Magazine: 12 issues (1yr) $3.50

    So is this website trustworthy? I see one person who was successful.
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    I think I'm done with the whole HTPC thing. Other suggestions

    I was running XP trying to run XBMC smoothly. I got pissed because I feel like it is tearing while VLC would not tear. I installed Vista to try with its supposedly better acceleration or something. Also installed the CCCP pack and now I have no foreground voice working. This HTPC stuff is not...
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    5x Quake Live invites

    Jbrukart I need a GPS system for that email. :p Thanks again man!
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    5x Quake Live invites

    first name: fire last name: fox Thanks!